Saturday, July 29, 2006

I sand I sawed I constructed

One more week till construction......yay!

Anyhoo I'll be very busy now till like forever cause once the Istana Pavilion is constructed (and taken down) Uni probably started already and then its a whole new project again. wah liews...but the best break now would actually not be a proper break but rather a new project to start with yes I'm actually looking forward to school. woohoo yay! uni! (cues in cricket sound.....)

And then hor.......I received this e-mail from the newspaper shite, the Emeni aka Straits Times has decided to go for the soft approach and interview me rather than head on confrontation? (what the heck did i just type?) Anyhoo this is what she first I thought it was long lost penpal but it turned out otherwise.

Hi there

Hi, I'm Serene from The Straits Times & Digital Life, and I'm actually emailing you with regards to your contribution to the "iamsingaporean" meme that's been going around.
Well, National Day is coming right up and I was hoping to do a feature on some of the people behind what they've written or recorded. I'm also working with Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi on how it started, and stuff like that. I read yours and was really stuck on the interesting line about how you're Singaporean because your pink IC says so. Would it be all right for me to interview you? It would be good to meet up in person or chat on the phone, if that's more convenient. I usually prefer meeting up because the interview's less, you know, stilted and more natural. ;) Thanks very much. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and best regards

Less Stilted and more how i like my ______(insert favourite food)

Also! This friday the pipple from MICA are going to interview us for the Istana Pavilion, no shite man The ministry xia!

Life is getting weirderer and strangerer but definitely more excitinger.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

What is the Matrix.....

Usually I like watching trailers of funny shite on apple trailers and then I chanced upon this. I'm not the one for sappy stuff but this really got me

"A lonely doctor (Sandra Bullock) who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its newest resident, a frustrated architect (Keanu Reeves). When they discover that they’re actually living two years apart, they must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it’s too late."

Damn...I can so identify with the frustration...anyhoo the lakehouse is a amazing glass house that sits gently by a beautiful lake like a child having its first picnic or something of that sappy romantic 'll getwhatimean lah and then Neo, the chosen one sorta buys the house from Sandra Bullock who owns it in the future..yeah I said future. Don't really know how it happens I think we are suppose to find out but by now you probably know that with Neo a.k.a. Chosen one, anything can happen in the Matrix.

Watch the trailer here

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Was (and is still) busy with construction of the Pavilion mock-up. Three days and we're finally done! Can't wait for the actual day (which I foresee to be a hectic two days of construction) I'm so friggin proud of the mock up and of course everyone who played a part in putting it up. The cockles of my heart are moved deeply...yes cockles..moved.

Very tired now and I guess the pictures speak for themselves. enjoy








Group photo!


you can so hear that classical music playing in the background now I know....ahhh, beautiful.

anyhoo I just realised that "I kenna Tomorrow-ed"!!! weee! Finally some asifitsofanyuse internet fame! yes the "I Spade SG" logo has taken off quite well, alot of people have been suggesting to me about t-shirt printing and car decal stuff (honk if you spade sg!) friggin exciting can? but yes feel free to display it as your MSN display pic, treat it like the digital version of hanging the national flag proudly at home.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I spade SG

I spade SG, originally uploaded by jonolist.

because we can't copy the i love NY shirts! My gift to my country! quick quick spread this everywhere feel free to download print it do whatever!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

resistors are never futile

Crate, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Silly questionaire because I like to let my brain rest on Sundays

1. My ex is...what ex?
2. I am listening to...Fiona Apple
3. Maybe I should... Start to read Proust
4. I love... Light at visible wavelengths incident on silver halide
5. My best a false concept, there is no "best" there are "good" though.
6. I don't macarons are prepared
7. I sleep over projects
8. People say... whatever I choose to hear
9. The meaning of my screen name is... a mix of a name and a job
10. Love is... whatever the Beatles say it is. Also the other thing that makes the world go round aside from chocolate and cheese.
11. Somewhere, someone is... holding on to my future vintage volkswagon van
12. I will always... be 1.65m or below
13. Forever seems... like half the name of a rocking good Oasis song
14. I never want to... support Manyoo
15. My mobile phone is... in need of replacement
16. When I wake up in the morning... I wish it was still night
17. I get annoyed when... I run out of socks
18. Parties are... the wrong way to spell alot of parti models
19. My fish is... among the other fish (in the fridge)
20. Kisses are the worst when... they are not hersheys
21. Today I...i hate Today newspaper they suck
22. Tonight I will... hopefuly go for Baybeats
23. Tomorrow I will... be very busy, very very.
24. I really want... to build a house out of corrugated cardboard

People i tag
Geri (because she loves doing this)

the mind sinks in the room not called a kitchen so says the blue watch hiding behind the glow in the dark black horse from the future. The brick calls out to me on mobile telephone telling me it no longer likes eating air, flys to diet on sunlight. Left hand really wants to stay with the right just like the top and bottom.

no shite! my first chinese letters!

MC Hotdog's 我爱台妹

I call forth the little ah beng in me and say that this video instictely rocks my socks! Xinjia confirm sure like one! got Zhang Zhen Yue which naturally makes this video one up from the rest!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

with no power comes no responsibilty

Appear Online, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I'm sick and I so need this mode now.

anyhoo check this out! Clerks Two is coming soon! damn the sleeper hit of the 90's! i so want to download the illegal version of it.

in case you guys want to watch the first Clerks (in pure black and white glory) go download it yourself! bummers!

Monday, July 10, 2006

zidane does a juggernaut

Last night was longestexcitingfootballandnosupper with the Dad and the brudther. Having stayed up as a small kid watching Italy lose to Brazil in penalties during USA 94, the Dad and I didn't want to be disappointed again. Heck I still remember the Roberto Baggio Diadora shorts I bought to support the fella in italiano blue (not to be confused with les blueS). So when Grosso (I'm so gonna name a pet after him) slotted in the winning goal the Dad and me let out our long awaited "yeshhhh" of course along with the brudther who was still a power-rangering kid back then.

That extra time special WWE ultimate fighter headbutt from Zizou really shocked me and its still playing in my head because clearly it reminded me of something. I had to youtube some videos to headbutt my own memory and found this.

Yes! Zidane is the Juggernaut! Note I held back on saying Zidane is the Juggernaut bit*h! like most people do because of the many french girls who idolise him. Which guy intherightfreakinmind would offend a french lady? (especially one that watches football?)

and other reasons why he did it

He learned that bull run charge thing from staying too long in Real Madrid.
Dropped his lucky charm on the grass decided to run back and take it and had to look down.
Headbutting is the new middle finger
Headbutting is a french thing us normal folk will never understand much like escargot
He wanted to get on youtube
He wanted to get on

Its a good thing I didn't go for a haircut last weekend, almost wanted to cut a Cannavaro and could have jolly well ended up looking like best player of the tournament?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hebrews Eleven Verse One

Hebrews Eleven Verse One, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Being a student of architecture we learn to focus mainly on design, but many a times great architecture goes beyond. There is more to architecture than being design-ed, it is but a mere tool for greater things. The things we do not see, the invisible and the ones we will always fail to grasp but never fail to be in awe of.

The King James version sounds more beautiful though, I will take a picture of it soon

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Damn I felt so Singaporean reading those iamsingaporean blog entries I felt like writing my own. inspired by the mrbrown podcast.

here's mine. Everyone who lives here should do one man.

I am Singaporean because I was born into the recession era of 1984 with a irregular heartbeat, the hospital in Toa Payoh took care of me well and according to the Army I'm PES B and not C9 dunnoewhatshit which i was supposed to be but I don't care cause I served the army well enough and met many blood brudders who suffered with me along the way.

I lived in HDB flats all my life, from a three room in Ang Mo Kio , four room in Bedok North and finally a Serangoon North maisonette. I consider myself one of the lucky ones but everything I have I owe to my parents who brought me up well. I still get allowance from them but I'll set that aside for a rainy day (considering the future recessions ahead ). I survive off the pay I earned in Army which is meager but I have fixed deposits and investment accounts like most young adults do.

Before kindergarten I only spoke Hokkien, then I picked up English from Sesame Street. I never went to nursery and I dropped out of piano class at grade two because I felt I had better things to do like watch Aksi Mat Yoyo and play zero point in the void deck. I am Singaporean because I grew up on old dragon-shape playgrounds and ceramic tiled merry go rounds. I went to Bishan park everyday to fly kite, even though the kite never really took off but I had fun. I watched Singapore play in the Malaysia Cup, it was the first few things that made me excited just by watching tv.

I never went to nursery, no tumble tots no blue pap uniform, mine was a gaudy white shirt and checkered red pants. Skipped TAF club even though I was overweight because I broke my arm in Pasir Ris park after I figured out two wheels were faster than three.

I studied in a snob boy's school for 10 years. I got in through affiliations from my church. Being the lower income family kid in a school where boys in shorts get chauffeured around in BMWs and Mercedes, I took pride instead of shunning away in my identity. I wore Bata shoes till i was 12, I used to wash them every Friday with a bucket and a brush, and on Saturday paint them with white kiwi as i watch the morning cartoons. I have no maid, I learn to cook from my grandma and I still remember the first egg i fried, with dau you and pepper.

I am Singaporean and born with a d**k so I had serve two and a half years in the army like i had no choice. There I increased my vocab in other languages other than english and the words "fuck you" "nabeh" were used as punctuations. I learn to shout and give orders in malay and finally figured the kiri and kanan. left and right. I am Singaporean because on March the 22nd 2005 i shouted ORD loh!

I am Singaporean and studying architecture in NUS, I call the Esplanade the Durian not because i think its ugly but more like an affectionate nickname. I walk the streets of Ann Siang, Chinatown, Little India and touch the dirty walls with paint peeling off revealing the wonderful and rich history of my island, something no museum or textbook can do. I think old HDB flats are beautiful, I can see myself living in one down at Tiong Bahru or the top floor of Bain Street where I can overlook the entire city with Raffles Hotel below me and still head back to that small but homely flat with dinner ready for me. I think the idea of the intergrated resort sucks but at least it was designed well. I worry that architects here now only do houses and small projects while we let supposedly famous foreign architects design (massacare, blotch and vulgarised would be better words) our supreme courts and libraries. I am Singaporean and I don't like people touching my soil with disregard.

I is Singaporean and i dun give a damn about the grammer or the englirgsh LANguage beaucse it is a time of waste, why say "please move aside" when "Siam!" would just do.

I am Singaporean because my favourite breakfast is kaya toast and two half boil eggs with jio cheng instead of dau you because the teochew in me likes it bland. I'll eat char siew pao for breakfast too because the hokkien in me needs more meat. I go for dim-sum in hawker centres cause their cheaper and the ones in Queensway or Marine Parade Neptune hawker centre do give Crystal friggin-expensive Jade a run for their money. I like the fact that I can combo my milo-peng with malay nasi lemak and indian roti prata and end it off with some Jui Kueh.

I am Singaporean and I hate the fact that people on Discovery Travel and Living try to teach people how to cook Singapore Noodles when in fact there's really no such thing, the only thing that comes close is hokkien mee so Kylie Kwong you better watch your cooking pan when you talk Singapore Food on TV.

I am Singaporean because my family has M1, Singtel and Starhub mobile plans signed up at different periods. I have a typical lowest deal Starhub cable Internet connection because I don't see the reason to pay anymore higher. Holidays consist mainly in the East Asia region because we can't afford to travel any further, not that I'll enjoy Florida's Disneyland either, I'll start to curse and swear at the entrance tickets. I'll swear male/female genitalia in a multitude of dialects of course.

I am an English speaking, c5 chinese, Hokkien brought up Teochew style who loves his Roti Prata, I am Singaporean because my pink IC says so.

pink ic, originally uploaded by jonolist.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Moving the Wood

A few days ago the timber for our Istana Pavillion arrived. Yes! After many troublesome contractors and money matters, they have finally arrived and with materials at hand we can finally go into production! woohoo!

Here are some pics taken by Darryl. Thanks for the pics man, I especially like the one with me paying the uncle that WAD OF CASH, I felt power!! roarrr!

Moving the Wood, originally uploaded by jonolist.

4 meters of solid kapor wood, mean heavy shite. Needs at least two people to carry, which worries me when the actual construction goes on.

Moving the Wood, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Moving the Wood, originally uploaded by jonolist.

ME paying the moolah, how much? let's just say it cost 4 dual amd64s or for the ladies two Gucci handbags of the evening variety.

Paying up, originally uploaded by jonolist.


the cash, originally uploaded by jonolist.

double checking, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I bet the guy whispered to himself "show me the money!" in Hokkien as he pocketed it.

quite "chui" after the moving and many suffered bruised fingers and splinters.

Then later we had fright night to prepare. Can die xia if everyday so busy.

one less blorg to read

prawn, originally uploaded by jonolist.

so the prawn decides to say bye bye to her blorg, wah liew that's one less to read lor. Nebermind I won't ask why but I think she xian of her lame fujitsu laptop giving up on her most of the time. Xinjia Morllie and me are your loyal fans leh but we wish you all the best in the next phase. And since your into the World Cup thing I can only rationalise it the soccer way; it's like when Micheal Owen went over to Real Madrid like that, just that in your case its not so expensive to do so. update, like nakata playing in spurs, like zidane in the finals.

I'll miss typing train-in-vain in the url box.
You'll still get lost in the sea
no more yoko and john

ehh suzie

sorry (okay I offically suck at rhymes)

CRTL-Z biatch!

Spider Solitaire in Progress, originally uploaded by jonolist.

damn it this blorg thingamagig is suppose to let me rant and bitch about things inside me but something is holding me back. That something i rather not speak, not because I don't know what it is but becasue when I do say it I fear. All I can say which my little mind must let go is that sometimes going unappreciated is worse than falling down stairs and making huge sacrfices for personal time isn't worthwhile all the time, not when everyone around you never seems to understand. NO I don't usually voice my thoughts about these matters, usually I just play spider solitaire. I swear by that game cause its bloody difficult but like all computer card games you can reset, you can hit CTRL-Z and undo and most of all you can just switch it off and not really care, you get my gist?

the best areas to bitch is on the bus typing this out, which is what i am doing now and when i don't blog i play spider, which is what i am going to do after the fullstop.

Spider Solitaire "You Win!", originally uploaded by jonolist.

Wasted Champaign

wasted champaign, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Mum was making a bouquet for someone's wedding (an architect's one i heard) and there was one champaign rose's stalk that broke during transport. Even in the dumps it still looks good.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

world cup

badly done video of two nights in studio. xia lah world cup has come and is gonna be gone soon. fast.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Melaka five foot way

Melaka five foot way, originally uploaded by jonolist.

as I told a friend (and many other friends) tonight about travelling. One day I wish to hop on a train and travel up to Malaysia and Thailand and maybe Cambodia and down to India but along the way one thing I'll have to do is to revisit the shophouses of Meleka. And visit them over and over again.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Model in SAM

Model in SAM, originally uploaded by jonolist.

This is what has been keeping me busy day in day out, i hope it's worth it, I really do.

Molly drafting

Molly drafting, originally uploaded by jonolist.

So at this point of time when I still go to school and busy myself with things I really like (and not) I would like to wish Molly a happy birthday. Mollay, Molly-Ah, Mrs Henry, Mrs Jay Chou, Morllie, KL's Gunners fan club president, have a fantastic year ahead to the number one smudge remover in studio!