Sunday, April 30, 2006

Link fest

Sorry for the lack of post. EXAMS ARE FRIGGIN OVER!
looking forward to many days of not looking forward to anything just bumming around and watching the world go by. WOOHOOO!

here are some links to waste the time away. Yes, when exams are over wasting time is the key to enjoying it!!! yes yes!! its over!!!!!!

Mishter Singapore
This is the worst collection of Singaporean disappointment in video. Check out Mr Ang Mo Kio he looks like the average ang mo kio guy divided by a trillion.

Gatorade Conspiracy
After reading this you will never ever ever drink Gatorade. Never ever, i'll take 100 plus anytime.

A comic about Architects by an architect. Updates almost everday.
the raw hard reality now in small boxes with many lines...ah the joy of comics

Friggin Nice Archi Posters

Damn I want!!! check out the Italien one...woohoo

How to become a Power Ranger
Because I know someone totally digs Power rangers. Your welcome Prawn.

It has also come to my attention that Thomas knows the green ranger of ninja strike. No shite. Read it on Thomaso's brand new blog.
Misadventures of a Kuai Lo

And here are some Pictures from Andrea and Co Seng's Birthday party at Chomp Chomp a few days back. What a great way to end the exams man.

The Birthday Pipple 2, originally uploaded by jonolist.

The Birthday Pipple, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Lloyd, Xtina, Andrea and Dawn, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Xinjia Dawn Molly, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Unexpected Visitor, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bed+slacking+wireless keyboard

Bed+slacking+wireless keyboard, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Studying on the bed, notes one on hand feet on my wireless keyboard(no worries its clean), oasis in the background. Life kinda rocks and sucks at the same time as i prepare for the final leg of exams. less than 24 hours and frrrrreeeeeeeedddddoooommmmmm!!!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the ex wise cheerleader gives the cold hard truth.

The Plan is set in motion. read prawns blog.
So the ex-cheerleader thinks I don't know my stuff? hello aku was once physics s-paper one leh, terminal velocity not possible at such low heights.

jon: cheerleading and aircockthrusting not the same leh says:

[prawn] agent d. jon lin, i challenge you. (see blog.) says:
same theory ok

jon: cheerleading and aircockthrusting not the same leh says:

jon: cheerleading and aircockthrusting not the same leh says:

[prawn] agent d. jon lin, i challenge you. (see blog.) says:
you got see flyers before!

[prawn] agent d. jon lin, i challenge you. (see blog.) says:
got see basket toss before!

[prawn] agent d. jon lin, i challenge you. (see blog.) says:
we also got 'thrust'!

[prawn] agent d. jon lin, i challenge you. (see blog.) says:
just that we don't call it..that.

jon: cheerleading and aircockthrusting not the same leh says:
ah but you never thrust the right thing

jon: cheerleading and aircockthrusting not the same leh says:
okay that sounded wrong

It is time to buy some rocket thrusters and dig up my old safety helmet.

update here's another video, I think this is getting too big, even for myself.

ACT video proposal

ACT video proposal, originally uploaded by jonolist.

The proposed act in plan. excited!!! note!

this is not a suicide plan

Oh to the best Space Monkey there is
Happy Birthday Andrea!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

aircockthrust video one draft one

because prawn had to blog our msn conversation during THAT very boring archi con revision period, now the whole world is expecting yours truly to make my own aircockthrust here is the first draft.

Done with my fingers leaping off great heights from my chinese DICTionary (get it? hur hur hur).

next step
1.To find a decent film spot,
2. Find funkay beat as background
3. Do the A.C.T., da AIRCOCKTHRUST! woohoohoo!

can't wait for the exams to be over. halfway there and i'm in the mood for holidays already. yesh! archi con paper sucked but who cares.

Monday, April 24, 2006

xtina on teevee

xtina on teevee, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Team Fong's Xtina appears on Channel 8's "The Undisclosed" as a calafair reporter interviewing Huang Biren. wait for about 15 seconds, shes the reporter on the left frantically taking down notes.
apologies for the background dinging sound from msn, she was pretty excited about it online.

its bloody cold!

When you heard too much of THAT song. bleahhh, this one rocks

liverpool 2 - sore losers 1

Dear "The Special One"

Thank you
yours truly
Happy Liverpool Fan

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The best second song EVAR

I got my head checked
By a jumbo jet..... (or isit by itcha mok che)

This has got be one of my favourite mtvs of all time.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Inverse square law my ass

booo, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Subjects i always loathed studying (in no particular order)

1. Chinese

Ting Xie, Zhao Ju, that stupid thing where you have to memorise mother long chapters of useless dunnowats, Mo Xie? i hate that one the most. Sustained permanent brain damage for that one.

2. Chinese Oral

Different from Chinese because its so damn hard for me, I had to treat it as a different subject

commonly used words for that one: WO BU ZI DAO and Se Mer Se Mer Se Mer....

3. Social Studies back in Secondary One

Invalid validised history. Sang Ni Lah Utama was da man!

4. PE in Primary School

Because I was (and is going back to being) fat. 2.4 km killed me

5. Hao Gong Min (that good citizen thingy)

because it was in Chinese. although the textbooks really helped in my drawing, like the add-on moustaches and spiky armpit hair , I still love doing that.



nuff said, every archi students hates it.
lousy everything
boring everytime
pissing everybody

Thursday, April 20, 2006

words are flowing out like endless rain into a papercup

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Food science

Food science, originally uploaded by jonolist.

its got thermal, food quality, acoustics(the ding! sound from the oven)and total oven performance.

Food science: Baking - Pasta

Beats building science hands down

work hard play harder

work hard play harder, originally uploaded by jonolist.

It's exam time!
Just remember to take a break here and there. Dont burn yourself out guys

hooray for more heres and theres! boohoo for mugging

Mug is noun for a big cup therefore mugging has no real meaning because that makes mug a verb.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Don't Let The Sun Ruin the Rain

Don't Let The Sun Ruin the Rain, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Love the rain just love it. Run in it, sleep next to it, eat under it, talk about it.

Don't let the Sun ruin the Rain

Its a bitch to study building science at home man. Eat shit and die man building science. Its uncomfortable to study on lifts, air cons, escalators and artificial light. Not that I feel thats its fake and over luxurious but come on man, building science to me is like intellectual bitching on how cold an air con should be set and how hot a building can go. Nabeh lah, its time we take one step back and enjoy the environment we have can? keep it real. Let me smell the rain, busk in the sun, dance the stairs. Oh yeah stairs, its not easy to design them and architects spend hours brooding over it and what do lazy people like us do? we take the fugly lift. nabeh. and whose friggin fault isit to whack a elevator in a three storey building? I don't think its the architect's idea you know. Three friggin storeys one beautiful staircase and what do us lazy homo good for nothing sapians do? we take the small unpoetic motorised box. damn it we have no hope man. The least you could do was make a better looking lift.

I hate studying from insubstantial notes with no serious thought or critique. If i wanted that i could use wikipedia, stop telling me what is right and what is wrong, let me decide, i'm taking a degree here not PSLE. Don't tell me its the international standard to set air cons at this temperature, don't tell me white light is good for reading and work. You know so much then how come people bitch about the school aircon that is non existent and how come we still spend a million bucks a year on electricity. Life doesn't run on a textbook man, welcome to the real world you mercedes benz driving lecturers. Take a public bus, read a book under a tree not in your 4 by 4 artificially lit concrete box with your useless air fresherners and faux bonsai. You know if you stop wearing those goldlion long sleeve shirts you won't complain about the humidity you know....hurhurhur.

bitching ends here, I need to run now.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Sausage+Onion+Tomatoes, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Its been a while since i cooked. yay! i'm in tears now, i missed my onions.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Clifford Pier

Clifford Pier, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Low angle shot with colour superia 200 film. The colour didn't turn out well. But this gimp-ed (not photoshopped) edited one brings out the beauty of the truss roof. Sad that its now closed to the public


Look at it move! It has been awhile since i let them out.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

mildness matters most

mildness matters most, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Was looking for some bags to pack my studio stuff. Chanced upon this bag in my cupboard.

My mum brings back the most interesting pharmaceutical trinkets, wait till i show you my viagra notepad from pfizer


Prawn Vanessa Co Seng and aku starred in this little short video for a SS short film project. Thomaso, Samantha, Xtina and their friend Cindy were the masterminds. not bad don't you think.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

days were the those. One year ago

days were the those, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Not too long ago i was here by the wall, bored as shite waiting for my ammo rover. Man! I miss tekong, the island in the sun. Though that doesn't mean i want to go back to training ah. I just miss my bruddas and slacking in my bunk. I miss doing nothing after doing alot things. the hangover period after working hard. NOT like now when we just werked our asses of design and now we have exams to bother with. damn.

All that glitters is nevAr gold

Here are some of the last few pictures of the year one studio. Come saturday everything is gonna be tabula rasa-ed and we will have to clear the tables kiss our partitions goodbye and move on.

I'm gonna miss my table. (i just leaked a tear)

taken back in January

The New Table, originally uploaded by jonolist.

taken yesterday. April the 10th. After accumulating all the mini models. Mini models that span almost a meter in length. 1:100 scale is small mah!

My table, originally uploaded by jonolist.

tadaa! some call it a mess, seniors comment it "artistic", i heard it was prettiii but i just call hanging models on walls a space saver.

The one night before, hmm or was it two days before? sunday? saturday?...aiya lost all sense of time during the hell week, wadevar, this was taken near the submission dateline. Everyone got lost in the mess.

prawn and Benita (hiding behind) lost in the mess.

Prawn&Benita, originally uploaded by jonolist.

prawn got lost in the sea (of mess). hur hur

Yanghan lost in the mess and moving at blazing speeds!

Yanghan, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Miao Ling and Kian Wee lost in the mess
but still working comfortably.

KianWee& ML, originally uploaded by jonolist.

stitched a panorama of the studio.

Presenting the sea of mess.

studio Mess panorama, originally uploaded by jonolist.

For a larger image click here.

Monday, April 10, 2006

drunk on crab

YAY! submission is over! had team fong dinner at Thomaso's girlfriend's zi cha place. Damn good chili crab!!!!!!!!! At Circuit Road. Shiokness.

After a week of sleepless nights i think i almost hit my superhuman limits. I'm too tired to be happy and to sleepy to bitch. More posts soon. apologies for not posting lately. I have some really wild photos of studio messiness that can put rubbish dumps to shame. but first I so need some shut eye.

drunk on crab, originally uploaded by jonolist.

tables, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Chili Crab, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy April Fools

Grrrr, originally uploaded by jonolist.

HAHAH! got some of you there right?

with regards to the last post, i hope it really doesn't happen. I have so much bad karma now.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Just got a letter from the army! damn i'm going back to to my green uniform during the holidays. Friggin heow!

its says in the government service letter that i have to take my ippt test on the tenth of april! WHAT THE? thats friggin submission day man. die die.

Guess what its gonna be overseas mission trip, peacekeeping in thailand. And its right after the last exam. so much for the army being university friendly. Wah lau genes and society then thailand? WTF MAN.

That's it lor! sorry guys but for now the blog will take a break till August when i come back half baked. For now its all training and studying. SHITE. i need to buy a new pair of boots.


if you still didn't get it