Monday, January 30, 2006

Lo Heiiiiiii

Lo Heiiiiiii, originally uploaded by jonolist.

bish bish bish bish!
dong dong dong dong chiang!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Nian Nian Got Fish
Thousands things come true
(erm? wan shi ru yi?)

Happy oranges grow in your wallet and luck flow into you everyday like a blazing fire in a microwave oven. a Thousand waterfalls of gold feed your million acre pineapple garden. Whatever that means? GONG XI FA CAI!

happy dawg year!

Someone teach me how to input chinese wait...someone first teach me chinese. My cheena has gone downhill ever since channel 8 made lousy dramas like that fish and chips one and holland village one. Bring back unbeatables!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Year of the Dog

missing, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I saw this at Ang Mo Kio MRT station today. The owner must be really sad because the posters were everywhere. Must do our bid to help lost dogs!


Little brown Chihuahua lost since 18/1/2006 is on daily medication, if found or seen anywhere please call owner at 92452737 / 98376949

Friday, January 27, 2006

Going Home

night ride, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Admist the project. Rides home passing by dover, bukit timah and the expressways are inspirational and pleasant.

everything speeds past while you stand still and watch the world whizz by, they don't see what you see, they see you but have no clue or interest at what you see. Nice. I'm tired.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tired? yeah.... so?

Thanks to Yanghan, Andrea, Xinjia, Josh and Molly for staying back and making a tortorous night more bearable.
I love my new city hall/supreme court assignment but staying up two nights for it isn't the best way to show that passion. My head drifts in and out of reality ( or whatever that zone I'm in when i'm really awake ) and I strangely like it.

Different brands same flavour. Team Fong!

Josh uses the cupola of Supreme Court as a hook holder.

After three hours. I heart this drawing so much.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why I Don't Use Canon

Another two more reasons why I treasure Nikons more than Canons.

Handphone? and I sneak a Nokia Keypad.....ughhhh

Yeah right? note "Pee Break Now" indicator lamp below Batt level.

Taken from Gizmodo.

Monday, January 23, 2006

What Memoirs Of a Geisha Character Are You?

My top result for the selector,
What Memoirs of a Geisha Character Are You?,
is Nobu-san

Wah Lau. I wanted to be chairman but in the end I kenna the heroic guy...piang. Click here if you want to do the test.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Team Fong @ Fort Canning

Today's trip led by the interesting and learned Dr Widodo was a bit rushed. He seemd to be in a hurry to finish everything, rather disappointed as I was all out to to be enlightened by his insightful views of Singapore's Little known truths.

Leisure-wise it was a good day for a team Fong outing! I friggin miss hanging out with my old studio, you guys rock! Took pictures at Fort Canning cause City Hall and Supreme Court backgrounds are too cliche and are mostly reserved for graduate photo's with their square hats.

Xinjia (tired), Josh(behind paper), Dawn(sunglasses), Thomas (pair of middle fingas), Geraldine (faux jap pose), Molly (thinking about Jay Chou) and Hulian the new member.

Dawn, Geraldine and Molly.
Look at those shiny braces on Dawn!

hand gestures from the future architects of Singapore?

More at the Team Fong flickr photoset.

Museum Visit

I just realise today that there's free admission to the Singapore Art Museum on fridays 7-9pm. Went there after the Memoirs of a Geisha movie. Real nice place to visit at night, only thing is that you've only got 2 hours before the guards shoo you out in the most polite manner. Went with Molly, Dawn, Darryl and Shuxian , I think most of us haven't visited a museum for a long time, it was a nice experience, much bettre than studying art from textbooks.

Friday, January 20, 2006

She paints her face to hide her face. Her eyes are deep water.

Just watched Memoirs of a Geisha today with team fong and JY, a sort of agreement made during one of those late night studio seesions when we were bored and got memerized by the trailer on the website.

The movie is amazing. Despite it being a Japanese profession, written by a American and played by mostly Chinese speaking in heavily accented english, IT STILL IS A GOOD MOVIE! No, they didn't follow the book page for page, in fact they did miss out alot but guess it would have been at least 5 hours if they didn't cut it short. A beautiful tragic story and more.

The sets were splendid, the music stirs up ones emotions and the actors are simply amazing. Gong Li played Hatsumomo so well you actually want to hate her, Ken Watanabe is Japan's better answer to Chow Yun Fatt and Zhang Ziyi, whom I usually don't really support didn't do too bad either. BUT THE BEST ACTRESS should go to Suzuka Ohgo, who played the young Chiyo. I can foresee her in many a good heart wrenching movie.

Chiyo (Suzuka Ohgo) meets Chairman (Ken Watanabe, not in picture)
on the bridge for the first time.

Suzuka Ohgo in real life. Wah!

Please go watch it on the big screen. Downloading it or getting your lousy JB copy just doesn't do such a good film justice.It's so damn good I really don't mind watching it for the second time again. Anyone? I want to watch the part where Chiyo (before she becomes Sayuri) runs into the temple to wish that one day she becomes a Geisha, all because she met a Mr nice guy aka the Chairman who treats her shaved Ice and asks her "Do you like sweet plum or cherry?". Nice

The best scene of all

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

and again and again and again

Yes I went to the city again! Someone stop me! (NO WAY!)

Lovely, alot of shots turned out well and well-er in B&W (Black & White). That's not all! These are the ones in digital, wait till the film gets washed.

Real tired now, can't type much (as you have already noticed for the past few days). Just enjoy.

More pictures and links here.

More Pics! again! and again and again

Will I ever get tired of this? NevAr! More pictures today, but less nice looking ones and more work based archi thingys (a lame excuse as most of them don't look good at all).

Stiched view from the padang. Click image to see a larger picture.

And then it started to rain so some of us headed down to Peninsula. Great excuse to shop. Here's a shot of the girls browsing some i-dunnoe-what-you-call-it shop.

No I did not go in....okay lah I took a few steps into unchartered territory and stepped out immediately.

Think I'll go there again tommorow. (no I don't mean to peninsula)

Monday, January 16, 2006

New City Pics! (For the new year and a new project)

Next projects going to be in the city. Mightily excited but still confused as to what the tutors want. Heck it, it just gives me an excuse to go the city. I'm in love with the place lah! and armed with my new digicam and a ONE GIG (outrageously expensive) Sony memory stick pro duo i went around trigger happy. Most of the shots ended blur because 1. it was 7pm 2. didn't bring my tripod. What a waste....but among the blur faux arty shots a few gems came out which i'm quite impressed with, considering what a small little Sony Cybershot can do.

fugly new supreme court. yes fugly despite how well i framed it

Odeon Towers extension which leads up to roof (r supposed to be upside down, pronounced as Loof)
bottom view

top view

Met two Archi friends there too! Zing from Vietnam and Eveyln from Mauritius. At least I wasn't alone, brought them to the ulu but very beautiful fountain nearby. It's really nice at night.

Me, Zing and Evelyn (I look weird here)

Kind of tired now after a long day but I am very enthusiastic about this project. I just love the city. Hopefully I don't burn out (which usually happens).

Sunday, January 15, 2006


some letter from NUS


You have been successfully allocated the following discussion group/tutorial/laboratory classes in this round of exercise:

The following classes are not allocated to you due to the following reasons:

AR1326 TUTORIAL 2 (No more vacancy in class)
AR1326 TUTORIAL 3 (No more vacancy in class)
BU1481 TUTORIAL 13 (No more vacancy in class)
BU1481 TUTORIAL 6 (No more vacancy in class)
GEK2023 TUTORIAL 1 (No more vacancy in class)
GEK2023 TUTORIAL 2 (No more vacancy in class)

nabeh! pissed. sorry for the verbal diarrhoea. stop making module bidding and ranking so hard can?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

tired.lost sanity.broken resolve.

*scape. The reason for the lack of entries and lost of sleep. I just figured that group work isn't as easy as it sounds, why? I don't know why? It's not that I hate working with people, following, leading, delegating, discussing. The fact that I don't know why it's so hard troubles me., it really does. I'm tired.

I just lost it. Thomas said it lost it. I broken my first promise to not stay in studio so often. shite..three day and less than 5 hours of sleep. lousy resolve.

farg work! heck it.

IT ISN'T RAINING! shucks. I miss it dearly. The strange subdued colours, the sloshy runs and dirty water in my shoes, the clothes in the house, the sounds of slosh. How the rain drops on everything, splatters, flows, shines, streaks, giving otherwise inanimate objects so much life......ahhh i love it, or maybe it's just because I'm inspired by a particular architecture construction lecture I had this morning. still tired.

Francis K has taken beautiful wedding photos during the sloshy season. Go see

A sudden blog block has hit me.....I guess i'll TV channel surf, blog surf and read a back log of newspapers my mum nicely kept for me. Doing it all at the same time....therapeutic is so not the right word now. tired....farg tired in so many ways. which explains my fragmented train of thoughts now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

They Are Everywhere But Outside The House

So it still rains and there is no way, I say again, NO WAY! to hang your laundry outdoors. If you ask me why I don't have a dryer at home then I just reply the same reason why I don't own a Solar powered torchlight. It's pretty useless in the tropics right?

So the clothes are everywhere in the house now. Bamboo poles on chairs, hangers on windows, the handles of exercise bikes, door handles. Just take a look around your neighborhood, see any clothes hanging outside? I guess everyone is doing this now and if the rain persists, I guess a dryer won't be that useless an idea soon.

Let's start a photo meme. Everyone post peekchures(photos, pictures, even drawings and sketchy diagrams) of your laundry drying techniques in these sloshy times.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Finally! I went for a lunch with Cheryl. The seafood and Fish and Co was uber fantastic, but the service was otherwise. Does it really take 3 staff 15 minutes to serve drinks? They almost forgot about the sauce too....tsk tsk.

Had a good time though, point to note: they serve big! Even two seafood crazy people can't
finish one platter. 12 prawns! dunnoe-how-many Mussels and dory the size of.....hhmmm?...well it was just big!

Cheryl, camera shy? or is she emitting heat from her "solar hands"?
ala Yakitate Japan (see below)

We left for Kino and Gramaphone,Bugis...I think we travelled alot today and she just discovered my fear of crowds. Why today so crowded ah? We must avoid holiday crowds next time, why can't everyone go to school? (wait I also have to go then).

So many school kids, I feel old liao! Cheryl told me the ultimate low jab to say to someone who just turned 22 (like me) : All the people in uniform are now older than us!

Nice one, I shall use that on all birthdays I go to now. hehehe

Let's go flea market next time, I haven't been there in a month. I hope the nice/kind/friendly people in charge of studio projects give me more free time. Please!


-About Yakitate Japan
from a website
Azuma Kazuma is a young bakery worker. He has a dream that he will make Japanese bread, "Ja-pan", which will be better than any other bread in Japan. He has "palms of sun", which are much warmer palms than those of normal people, and they are useful for making bread. With his "palms of sun" and creative ideas, he will beat rivals who will appear one after another

-Seafood platter for two in Fish and Co actually can cater for four. The rice is excellent, their dory is the best I had so far. No lobster though, sigh...