Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Of Bank Of China

Bank Of China, originally uploaded by jonolist.

random post from the studio...did i say i don't like what i'm doing now?

i need a good run with a good song playing in my head.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of Hong Kong

No point being an emo-nemo when you got great friends around.

Here's Hong Kong in Black & White. Enjoy

Lemmings, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Watch your head, originally uploaded by jonolist.

shade, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Off to Work, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Monday, January 28, 2008

of Duu Lan

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

pinnacle's perth, originally uploaded by jonolist.

take everything away and all i can say is that
i am a brother , a son, a friend, a follower, a leader,a confident, a listener, a hopeful,a giver and a receiver. so why is it that at this point in life, deep down inside me, i feel like a big disappointment? I don't make sense to myself and why this deep seeded anger is within me and refuses to show itself.

I'm sorry for not being who i am today, I hate to show my weariness to you all but i can't help it. Being what i used to be, its beginning to be very difficult to hide it all. So all I ask is sometime to not think, to not worry, to not look far ahead. I just want to exist for one moment at a time and just be. I think that's what i need now. everything else should fade away into a concept.

and maybe i need a good nights rest.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

of Lover's Concerto

if i could only listen to one song in this world this song would be it.

thank you JS Bach, The Toys and most of all to Mum for humming this all day at home.

late night updates
i'm very in the mood for class95ish music now. Unexplainable but who gives a shit? enjoy!

I'm humming this song over and over now!!!

back when songs had a message to send. All we get these days are emo rock shite types who sound like the kids who scored 90/100 and still aren;t happy.

anyway more good stuff like this one, which had a very important message to send out. I heard it helped alot of people get out of their drug addiction.

and this one i enjoy listening while running/walking in the morning

dadadada! dadadada! dadadadadadadadaddaaaaaaaaaa. Dadadada!

oh and this one i had the lyrics down to memory of which i would practise scribbling on the desk of some NJ table during my useless times as a youth.

okay so everyone in my era liked them..and Micheal learns to rock

Apologies for the Karaoke version (hey at least i didn't upload the kind my uncle sings to, you know the ones with bikini girls in ghastly makeup posing on the steps of sentosa with the merlion in the background?) okay i digressed.

and this one i first listened to on the school bus back in Secondary school when they still played it on perfect ten. I swore to myself i had to download it on audiogalaxy.

okay back to work!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Temple, Kuching

Temple, Kuching, originally uploaded by jonolist.

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see. ~G.K. Chesterton

once again thank you G.K. Chesterton

totally not in the mood for study

***update and being not in the mood to study i went to watch this***

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (original french title : Le Scaphandre et le papillon)

Its damn nice! the way colours the tone the depiction of life and the freedom it expresses (what shit am i writing now?) and after the movie my mind felt released from the invisible crutches of idunnowhat, they shit you not when they say this movie changes your life. Its pretty hard to explain so go watch it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kolo Mee Kuching

Kolo Mee Kuching, originally uploaded by jonolist.

compared to Hong Kong or Singapore, This is the best noodles for its price and its springy egg taste is humbly satisfying. Kolo mee is unique to its locale and shouldn't be eaten anywhere else but in Kuching. So please go there and try the wonderful food. and meet the laid back chill dudes and dudettes too (who are at least 50 years of age)

eating university canteen food sucks. Especially when you just came back from food heavens like hong kong and malaysia. The only saving grace these days : Macdonalds serves Twister Fries, which i believe they secretly repackaged from A&W's curly fries.

btw go take this test

69% Geek

wah lau i'm definitely higher than that.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Of Chang Chau, Hong Kong

Chang Chau Hong Kong, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Chang Chau is a a little island off Lantau, Hong Kong. Its a quaint island with the harbor then three rows of shophouses and then beach, yes its small little island where everything is chill, no vehicles or roads can be found (except for the fire truck and police patrol) and bicycles are prohibited on the weekends. Owen told me about this place, and thanks man, i loved it. Superb sky, great fun weaving through in and out of the little alleys to find egg tarts and the elusive fried shrimp roe noodles (i still can't find it).

where can you find basketball courts with a temple infront of it? or old grannies and grandpas frolicking in the beach with the occasional enlightened hairless caucasian who decided to give Ocean Park a miss?

Chang Chau Hong Kong, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Instead of making fun of Cantonese speaking snow white and her 7 leng zhais in Disneyland, I wanted to catch the bun festival of chang chau, where people would climb up a mountain of buns and throw them to the revelers (sentosa should screw zouk out and do one of these things). But alas wrong timing (reminder to self get lunar calender when in HK)I would have tah pau-ed some of the buns for you guys (i heard they stopped using real buns already switching to the inedible plastic variety)

Anyway apart from the Macdonald's, the food is overall fantastic. damn good seafood topped off with beer or just some egg tarts and ice tea. Its all about the chill atmosphere i say. so yeah just go there and chill.

Chang Chau Hong Kong, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Chang Chau Hong Kong, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Its spending too much time in studio that makes me regret not staying even longer there (yeah i know i pushed it to its near limit by coming back on sunday but hey monday morning just before lecture could have been better right?).

p.s happy birthday Pek and B! (why does the image of Tan Boon Thor with his tight pants come to mind?)

p.p.s. running 8km on the track trying to outpace the school track team not a good idea, not when you haven't slept well the night before working in studio....damn chiu lah.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of being stopped by the police

Was on MSN talking to Molly aka Morlie the only consumer of Hong Kong's preserved clams in funky sauce. (damn funky i tell you)

mj: eh, i told my fren to go see ur blog
mj: n she like ur torn jeans
mj: haha, sexay
jon:my grandma just ironed them she think's i'm xiao
mj:lol, dun throw it out
jon:hahahahah yeah of course i won't throw away my torn jeans their too sexay for the trash
jon: that's why the police stopped me that day, they jealous
mj: lol
mj:or they think u just had a gang fight
jon: yeah, the triads only managed to cut my jeans but left hardly a scratch on my thighs of steel

Thighs of steel i say (XJ you need some of those thighs too!). oh in case you didn't know, there was this one morning in Hong Kong when Nick and I got stopped by the Hong Kong police while walking down the mid-lands escalator.

being stopped by the police, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Some of you may say nich and i look like we're damn sorry for committing some fashion crime on the atas area of mid levels escalator, but really it was very dry that day and my eyes were teary. I shit you not.

Oh and thanks Xtina, Lloyd,Molly, XJ and Geraldine!

Thanks Guys pt2

alright! cool socks from lego!

and tha pasta book that came with a garlic grinder and cheese grater. you guys know me best!

i love my not so lazy ass friends just as much! hahahaha

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanks guys!

Thanks guys!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

i love my lazy ass friends!!!

btw i still need some stuff like
1. slide film, fujichrome velvia iso 50
2. socks
3. iphone (i mean if 90 of you guys pool in ten bucks each :)))))) and for 5 bucks each i can get a nano and a couple of beers which at the point of typing this does sound better than the iphone.
4. space odyssey series of movie dvds (i'll love you for that)
5. complete my oasis cd collection (i'm short of Familiar to Millions)
6. Playstation 3 (like the iphone you know what to do)
7. Asus EEE pc. by now i realised that since i already asked for 3 and 6 i might as well ask for one of these and maybe
push my luck with number 8

8. a ferrari. i'll settle for anything except scaled downs.

Of It will be a long time before i have this again

Man would i take a year off to have this everyday in HK.

Steamed Milk in Egg White, scrambled eggs on toast and a bottle of milk.

At the very famous Australian Dairy off Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Of which i was introduced by my mum on our previous trip there. We loved it so much we had breakfast there twice. That followed by Zha leong a few blocks down Jordan Rd.

I'm sifting through my photos now and because it's hong kong stuff i can catergorise them clearly into 1. Food 2. Architecture 3.Cats 4. random/known People photos. That might take alot of work and would be much more enjoyable with KFC egg tarts. Yes Hong Kong KFC egg tarts with a bought recipe from Macau's Cafe Nata. As wrong as it may sound, its actually damn good. I know it may go against everything i preach but damn it, Hong Kong's KFC's Daan Tart are like my chicken mcnuggets. You know for their family meal, the 8 chicken parts come with 4 dan tarts instead of the hard as rock stone buns they give here? how amazing is that?

anyway i digressed. need to unpack then pack for school and get over this period of self denial. Voices in my head are saying: "go have breakfast at gage st, go have supper at jordan, take the mtr not the mrt, trams are cheaper than SBS buses." all that and in a HK accent I'm all too accustomed to, to not laugh at anymore.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

of random post in HK

i have alot of things to show you guys and tell you all about. From the erotic camera highs i felt in Apliu Street at Sham Shui Po, to the quaint island of Chang Chau, the amazing stuff at Sweet Dynasty, the suprises along the way and all, but now i gotta pack and damn it i do hate the idea of school starting on monday.

berbuh Hong Kong!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Of chilling out

Hong Kong, Stanley, originally uploaded by jonolist.

all chill, no work. Went to Stenley today, too many tourist, only saw this.

took a detour instead, wonderful surprises. and i'm very satisfied will post the photos soon. have fun and don"t think about school guys!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Of That Edison Chen Poster

That Edison Chen Poster, originally uploaded by jonolist.

stil trying to find his posters for Christina. Not easy okay. if anyone knows where to get them pls buzz me.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Of Group shot with Corn and Dean

Me, Dr Huo Ning, Shuxian, Prof Heng (Our Dean), Chin Wei, Jia Yi. The Corn, Nich, Jy amd Molly

Prof Heng! omg!errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeah Prof Heng and Huo Ning quite the gung ho

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Of turning 24

I was once a young master


and till now i still don't know what i am a master of.
not that i don't like to NOT know.

23 went by in a swift and if it was anything to go by, 24 would go even faster and before you know it, i'll be a quarter of a century year old and still be small kid who wants to see more of everything with a camera stuck to my eye.

today in Hong Kong we went to the peak to see the sunset. Damn chio even with all the tourist and tripods all over.

View from the Peak

the guy in green damn spoiler lah, hahahahah

Group Shot ...with a guy in green

Oh and the ullllllimaaaaaate birthday cake ever. 24 Dan Tarts at the Peak!
From the cockles of my artery clogged heart. I am gan Dong-ed

24th birthday cake!

Thanks guys!

At the Peak

Oh and we had the most amazing roast meat ever just now.

Roast Meat

the Char Siew is OUT OF THIS WORLD! mind blowing piece of meat, so soft and marble-ly and the right balance of sweetness, burnt bits and sauce.

Me! with friends!

Doing the tourist thing getting a self portrait. at the Dragon Roast Meat Restaurant in Gage Street. Amazing roast stuff this stall has. The chef hand selects the pigs for the right age and amount of fat. That is passion i tell you.

and yes this is the one where Anthony Bourdain went.

but i still haven't had my Zha Leong!!! i want!

Monday, January 07, 2008



Models!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Xtina as promised! but more tmr when we assemble everything

Sunday, January 06, 2008

OF I F**king love WANTON MEE

and also the other stuff on our first day in HK

I F**king love WANTON MEE, originally uploaded by jonolist.

in Hong Kong, any wanton mee store beats the one in singapore, ANY. They just do it the right way here. and yes i like mine with coke, from a bottle with a cheap straw and half chilled.

and then before that we had donuts!!!

Krispy Kremes Hong Kong!!!!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

With Chin Wei, me, Jy Molly and Nicholas. ITS MY VISIT TO FIRST KRISPY KREMES ! (checks off one number in the list of things to do before i die)

You know the world's a small place when you met your other archi mates here. Later on Phyllis joined us by surprise, she was getting some donuts with her aunt, they were on holiday..

and this is the I must have food of HK steam milk!!!

MILK custard!!!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

from they famous Yee Shun Milk Company in Hong Kong. I love this milk custard to bits. You must try the milk with ginger one. Its orgasmic

eating the curdled parts on top sends me to heaven.

now time to work, but if you guys know of anymore good food do give me a buzz yeah. I NEED TO TRY EVERYTHING!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Of finally-ies

just got this the other day from Dr Erwin. look somewhere in the middle.

very humbled, originally uploaded by jonolist.

yaynesss!!! and i have to thank the one at the bottom of the list for this. Thank you!
Been staying over in studio the past few days. I'm dead beat now but at least the work is almost done with only the moving off to site left to go.

So Hong Kong here i come!!! woohoo
will be there till the 13th. The rest of the studio peeps will be coming back on 10th, so if your in the motherland of dim sum and wanton mee next week gimme a buzz yeah.

Oh and if you know whats good to eat or a cheap hostel to stay, drop me email please?