Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dali's Alice in Wonderland

Dali's Alice in Wonderland, originally uploaded by jonolist.

One of the better lit Dali sculptures that can be found around town these days..they have this surreal quality at night with the shadows and how it stands still among the bustling crowd and yet seem so alive.

Friday, September 29, 2006

of biennale and Hay Piahs

Molly, Andrea, Owen (aka Andrea's), Thomas and I went for Hay Piah at Hill Street today! woohooooo!!!!!!!!

Hay Piah Gathering
hmmm...unfocused: To the left is Owen and the right is Molly trying to capture the Ngoh Hiang Guan Chiang in all its glory.

Hay Piah Gathering

And then we we walked the calories away (yeah right? as if it's possible to walk off a haypiah's worth of calories) to City Hall for some Biennale-ing. Met JY there and took alot of pics...even if we knew we weren't suppose to......heck lah...

Muhanned Cader's Wall Installation
Thomas in Pink (as usual) viewing Muhanned Cader's wall installation in charcoal.

Jane Alexander's Verity Faith and Justice
Jane ALexander's Verity, Faith and Justice, the manipulated deformed twisted half human half monkey whatever were so disturbing they had ot put a PG sign at the entrance..ain;t too bad actually.

Jeon Jun Ho's In God We Trust
Jeon Jun Ho's In God We Trust, a video installation. 8 Minutes or so of just watching some korean stuff... not drama, not your usual Da-Chang-Jin shite.

Molly Me Jy and Thomas in YKONs M8 Summit of Micronations
Molly Me Jy and Thomas in YKONs M8 Summit of Micronations...we had a good time there laughing...yes laughing which was what your suppose to do..or so we thought.

Jy and Thomas in YKONs Summit of Micronations
Here's JY making Thomas laugh like he just watched Pablo Francisco for the first was seriously contagious.

And now for some good stuff....abeilt disturbing but good. Donna Ong's Secret Interiors : chrysalis, 4 installations at 4 secret locations in the City Hall (which reminds me of Miaoling's P3 project for City Hall...hmmm)

Donna Ong's Secret Interiors chrysalis

Donna Ong's Secret Interiors chrysalis 2
ahhh dolls in water!

Owen left for something before we went to the National Museum for more Biennale.

Manglano-Ovalle's Iceberg
Archi -ike stuff...Manglano-Ovalle's Iceberg

and then my favourite among good I had to go there twice

Mariko Mori's Tom Na H-iu
Mariko Mori's Tom Na H-iu...I can spend hours calming...... so magical..the space the sound the lights everything...

and of course we had to take a group pic..

At the back entrance of the National Museum....with some dunnoe what dried up berry or something..

next stop Tanglin Camp...wanna come?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mystery body part

No worries this ain't prono or something of that sort but yeah before you puke your ____(insert last meal eaten here) in the keyboard scroll down for the answer yeah.

Mystery Body Part

drum roll.................

The answer to mystery Body Part

Monday, September 25, 2006

Car Ride

Car Ride, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Came back from a hearty dinner and felt extra drowsy especially after working the whole the back of the car this is what you see.

to top it all off Coldplay's Yellow was playing in the background...

"......look how they shine for you
look how they shine
look at the stars look how they shine for you "

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I heart Korean BBQ

The Korean exchange students decided to hold a BBQ party at PGP. Yeah PGP in that out-of-the-way-hill in the middle of nowhere, meaning I had to make travel all the way to school and then some more...but heck it was worth it!

Wah lau! so much food and so much more alcohol and along with the Korean students ( who are like the friggin best drinkers this side of Asia has ever seen) was the ideal combination for a good mid sem celebration. Anyhoo it was good to mix around with the rest of the studio who on usual school days have rare chance to interact, let alone drink beer and get wasted with. Ah good times...

Here are some of the "things" that happen, note the inverted commas because life got abit trippy for those few hours.

Here's Wang Kai on his way to being wasted...wah lau I never saw this side of him before...and no I didn't meant for it to be some "Last Supper" shot but its what you get when you have alcohol and food on a long table.
Cheers Wang Kai

Trashed Out Wang Kai

Nicky(pre-wasted) and Man Chun

Nicky Trying to get Wasted
Nicky pays for booze

Nicky VERY VERY wasted...along with Bhotish

Here's Kian Wee wasted..and Bhots at it again.
Trashed out Kina Wee

JY drinks! wah lau! rare sight
JY drinks


Jy and Me half drunk, note that we drink the same amount of booze but he still remains ever so white....wah lau eh his liver got problem.
Drunk JY and Me

Here's Huilian drinking too!
HuiLian Munching

Huilian Drinks Again

Here's Xinjia drinking! i think Coke or wine or was it Shoujo? was just one yum seng after another.
Xinjia Drinks

All this drinking because we played some imported drinking games called "baskin robbin 31" and "catch the mouse"...yes...they may sound childish but its damn fun....damn fun under the influnce of alcohol that is...
Playing Catch the Mouse

Benita Drinks

Benita and Tiff

And of course some lame dance moves and drunken group shots
Drunks dancing


Arki Korean BBQ 1

Group Jump


Korean BBQ 6

Studio Girls

Here's most of us....How come I'm the only one in Ultra Man mode? Jae (sitting next to me) really loves his korean beer. He's drinking some Shoujo thing which is the stuff the Koreans like to get drunk on, they say it has some..erm frog in it. I LIKE that frog beer alot man, damn nice. Its 16 bucks here but back home they say it cost only 1.50? like what the? Like that I also wanna go exchange!
Final Group Shot

More pictures can be found here...unglam and otherwise...if you want it in softcopy i'll pass it to you in Thumbdrive in studio yay...for now enjoy the Holidays!

Studio Girls and Jae

Korean BBQ 2

The flickr photo link here

Thursday, September 21, 2006



I wonder which is the hybrid of the other? Hay Piah or Vadai?
Oh man this history Hybrid report is infecting me...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Came back from school after a late night useless lecture, you know another one of those you never really understand after the first hour cuz the only thing on your mind is the fastest route home and television kinda lecture?.... And what do you do when you have your tripod and camera with you when you reach home? You take night shots....

Presenting to you: Bridge

The bridge that links my block to the wonderful birdshops and kopitiams across the street.

Bridge Series no. 1 Split

Bridge Series no. 2 Rush

Bridge Series no.3 Still

ahh back to werk...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Physics S-paper proves useful in life

and yes taking that time wasting paper finally paid "Monkey Kick Off"!!!

Try to beat my uber fantastic high score of 4758m here!!!


Geri learns to be friends with her Monkey

i wanna be geraldine says:

i wanna be geraldine says:
mine always comes down in the green part

i wanna be geraldine says:
so irritating....

jon: kiam chai tycoon wannabe says:

i wanna be geraldine says:
my monkey sucks

i wanna be geraldine says:

jon: kiam chai tycoon wannabe says:
eh dun blame the monkey

jon: kiam chai tycoon wannabe says:
we use the same monkey

jon: kiam chai tycoon wannabe says:
at most blame your mouse

i wanna be geraldine says:
woohoo my new personal best! 4416!!!!

i wanna be geraldine says:

i wanna be geraldine says:
good monkey!!

jon: kiam chai tycoon wannabe says:
see see the moment you dun pressure your monkey you can kick far

jon: kiam chai tycoon wannabe says:
we can learn much from life from this game

i wanna be geraldine says:

i wanna be geraldine says:
this has turned into a life changing game!

Go go play and waste 1 hour or more of life like me!! muahahaha

Saturday, September 16, 2006

flaws are wonderful

There are tonnes or gigs (in the case for digital films) of flawed pictures hiding in the depths of my harddisk and under the influence of flu medication i came to realise the vast amounts of "lousy" shots I take. The overexposed, the unfocused, the trigger happy moments that overwhelm you or even the accidental click of the shutter release.







Rather than delete them (which I discourage highly unless your short of disk space) We should take a second look at them. No! don't say you learn from your mistakes, don't avoid them but rather celebrate that random poorly taken shot of yours.