Monday, April 30, 2007

random need to randomly say random things

of late i have been getting back to my running routine, which is great and that means i can cook more pasta for myself and try this new cream sauce recipe and not feel bad eating all of it. And everytime i run i throw myself changeups and fastballs, alternating routes, letting traffic lights decide my paths or follow random bicycles, I don't really care where I run to. Running after all is a place. Its where i can scream, sing off key, talk silly things to myself and act out cheesy lines i saw on some comedy and not care what the world thinks. but...

yes but

ah screw it! I don't think it's wise to say it but heck this blog ain't a clever blog in the first place.

yes but
I really wish i wasn't screaming, singing or acting silly scenes by myself.
I wish i had someone telling me where to run.
And when i come back that bowl of pasta would really be too big for myself and i wish i could share it and then have you complain that its too damn boring cooking that same dish over and over and over again.

I know i'm happy where i am now, everything is great because i see beyond imperfection but i dream too much to know there's something missing. I realise that i dream more than anyone else i know, its daily and i remember them vividly and ever since school stopped, those work dreams have gone away and i get nicer ones now, the ones with you inside and they are great i tell you. It gets so real i think i was smiling when i slept. And in it we run to that spot i always love going to and we do random screaming and acting out, i cook for more than one and dig out my old slides and do a mini travel show just for you.

Then it just fades away and i wake up at 8.30 from my stupid plan of catching some morning sun, i shut the damn alarm off and go back to sleep and guess what it actully continues. And we take the wrong bus to the wrong place but nobody really cares because it's the seats that matter, at the front right of the double decker where we can look down the periscope and pretend to disturb the bus driver. Random things will happen like suddenly we start singing songs but then its just the snooze mode kicking in and I really wake up this time. And I heard people usually forget what they just dream but somehow it doesn't work here and it sucks. Maybe I'm being fussy here but why was it just a dream? i know they never come true. Its like my head is telling me that I'm really missing on the good stuff and then I get in some silly contemplative mood on what "could have been" if i had more guts, if I could risk it all but then I'll rather not go there. jon is really a humji person.

That's why I like public transport, okay I only like the front right seat on the double decker bus and if it isn't peak hour, I'll place my bag beside me so that no one can listen to the silly songs i quietly hum to myself and the weird stares I make just to disturb the driver (damn those new buses with the electronic periscopes). And for that very short moment i smile to myself because i'm reminded of what could have been but then the hard reality throws a sucker punch at the weak spot and i just turn up the volume of my music and maybe move to the back. Its better to confuse myself
about the current situation, it stupifies me from making more stupid mistakes

I think i'll go for my run now.

bus sightings

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Andrea's 21st sweet16 topsecret birthday @ My Humble House

Andrea's Gift

so you thought we were gonna just go chomp chomp isit? no way lor, Anyhoo Owen was very sweet to handle all the logistics stuff, must give him extra points on our behalf, not like he needs anymore of those brownie points now. The food at My Humble House ain't top 100 in the world for nothing man, it is GOOD! and erm yes i kept a copy of the menu so i can copy hahahahaha.

Andrea's 21st Birthday @ My Humble House
That's David bringing in the cake, not only is he a good waiter he can belt a mean happy birthday too. impressive. all that while memorising the entire menu. respect!

Birthday Cake
and the cake is very chio lah, Porsche lei, jealous or not?

Here's the very common must do for every function "Yam Seng".
So chinese wedding lor! *hint* Owen *hint*

Andrea's 21st Birthday @ My Humble House

Here's group pic. Thanks to the other waiter who really enjoyed using my camera.
Andrea's 21st Birthday @ My Humble House

The rest of the pics can be found here.

or feel free to browse through here.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

City Life

City Life

taken at Peninsula Plaza, while waiting for Prawn to buy her prawn and Molly to buy her squid.

city life (of the not so human kind)
This Pigeon was my companion for those 5 minutes of waiting

City Life (of the not so human kind)

these streets

for a 19 year old he's VERY good. so good that i think its okay to put a good looking italian looking (but he's scottish..damn) guy on my blog to totally distract the girls. yeah lah go on and swoon, even i find him stylo okay.

"Where'd the days go? When all we did was play
And the stress that we were under wasn't stress at all
Just a run and a jump into a harmless fall from
Walking by a high-rise to a landmark square
You see millions of people with millions of cares
And I struggle to the train to make my way home
I look at the people as they sit there alone "

man this is so Jane Jacobs / Kevin Lynch lah. Landmarks? nodes? anyone?


Andrea, originally uploaded by jonolist.

oui Space Monkay!
Happy 21st!
now your old enough to watch Borat but still young enough to blow your own bubbles!

Monday, April 23, 2007

this is so looc!

this tune will be a legend i say!

"Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls’ pants. Use it to get into their heads."
"Thou shalt not shake it like a polaroid picture."
"Thou shalt not wish your girlfriend was a freak like me."

all classics! i love it!

download and find the lyrics here

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Random Picture of the Day

Life Church along Selegie, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Life Church somewhere along Selegie. Just opposite that scary cracked Lasalle Building

And as you have noticed the new template allows for larger pics! yay. Sorry if your screen is too small, its time you get those mother big wide thingies, the pictures will be clearerer and beautifuller. detail detail

Friday, April 20, 2007

there is no hope for the male backstreet boy fanclub

attention all female backstreet boy fans (usually i'll leave out the gender-isation but this is an exception). so you think you girls love Backstreet Boys?

i know what your thinking now and i totally agree...there is no hope for the human race.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

MORE random videos for your random viewing

and you thought it would end there right? nooooo

Hulk Hogan in Japanese CM

that oddly reminded me of "Lost in Translation".

and i was so intrigued with Ninja Terminator i found more vids

I know what your thinking and i think so too, for someone who wants to "reform the ninja empire" he seriously needs a new phone. Someone ninja star that Garfield phone PLEASE!

oh oh and now to the quality stuff. Aardman Studio has a new series!!!! yay!!!

Introducing Shaun The Sheep! damn cute lah

oh and here's a SNL classic. Space Monkey Andrea Goh will like this.

Biggest Bowl/Comfort Food Evar

Biggest Bowl/Comfort Food Evar, originally uploaded by jonolist.

putting the pantry magic bowl to its paces.

One and Half Packs of Nong Shim instant noodles with spare ribs in a prawn/belachan paste soup

I'm damn full now (thats was last night, after running i'm hungry again)

ps to get a idea of the size of the bowl - the egg is TO SCALE

PIPPLE PIPPLE! we need to go CHOMP CHOMP soon okay! CHOMP CHOMP yes the Serangoon Garden one! after exams. We might have to wait for Beatrice Tay (some say its Sieh but its really Tay) because she owns Serangoon Gardens (or as she calls it Gardens)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

indoor/outdoor fun

indoor/outdoor fun, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I was drawing up my curtains when i saw some bubbles dance through my window

i used to do this when i was a much younger with my grandma, with those 30 cent bottles of bubble soap. Kids these days have bubble guns, amazing stuff.

Just seeing them having fun like that brightens up my day. always does

random videos for your random viewing

a dog one!

another dog one for Thomaso, this German dog is more "talented" than a German Shepard. (warning highly charged testosterone dog, but very cute)

and just off the hook this ninja movie is sooooo bad its good.

"yes that my ninja star"
"right, it's my ninja star!! this is yours!"
got to love the cheesy line, they don't make them like they used too.

and just one more, check out the Indian f4 MTV.

dooot dooot doot doooot dudud dududud dududududddd...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


hope i'm not too late ah but happy birthday! or in canto! errr...i dunnoe Canto *tries to hum the canto birthday song"

To the purveyor of honey sticks, the pro of layouts and fellow F1 fan happy birthday!


damn it you guys rock lor!!!! woohoooo! actually i was gonna open it tomorrow morning, you know, in the kitchen with the early sun shining thru that nicely packed brown paper bag from PANTRY MAGIC!!!! but cannot tahan lah, Thank you Molly Andrea Prawn Beatrice and Thomaso.

Pantry Magic birthday gift!!! YAY

Yes prawn good things do come to those who wait, good things like the perfectly sized noodle bowl!!!!! now i can eat ban mian like no tomorrow. AND THE orange ladle to go along with that. and that silicon mitten!!!!! woohooooo! how you all know i've been eyeing those for ages!!! I will so rock the baking world with those mitts!

err those normal cloth mitts suck compared to these...its the only silicon thing you can feel shiok holding in your hands without erm thinking wrong things.......haha. okay sorry bad image

oh and in other news....aiyah today i had no mood to study so before going for debrief at My Secret Garden(damn ex) i went to take random photos, just because it was something i really missed doing.

somewhere near the SMU hostels
random pattern # 001

somewhere near Sim Lim Square (which has changed so much the last time i went, it cheers the inner geek in me)

two months ago i was here staring at an empty construction site. Now this is what has become of it
construction of the new Lasalle School of the Arts. The crack and the skewed windows look damn scary lah!

and some of us had supper at the famous Bugis dessert store, the very cheena looking one.

Supper at Bugis
the Steam Milk with egg rocks, hot and cold, then the Hawaiian papaya in boiled milk and the sesame paste soup, and the peanut paste soup and the mango sago.........i can go on and on but wahhh you got to go try it yourself.

okay off to peels, need energy to try put the spanking new kitchen utensils to their paces. silicon mittens lei!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

please save them can? tolong

just got this sms from various friends.

"Someone forward this to me. Anyone?

Petshop @ Joo Chiat closin down sunday. 2 huskies, 1 blk labrador, 1shitzu, 1huskie terrier crossbreed 2give away. Otherwise all goin to be put down. 4detail call mariam ________(i removed the number erm... email me if you need it). pls foward n save them."

excuse my French but what the fuck? what kind of pet shop decides to end an animal's life just because their closing down? its not like when you close down your mee pok stall you dump your bak chor into the drain, we're talking about living things here okay!

"Otherwise all goin to be put down
???? nabeh! otherwise my ass! Clearly a better solution can be thought of right? damn it i wish i had more space in my place.

wtf really wtf! I hope someone nice decides to take them in.

update: so its a all a friggin scam. what a fucked up marketing scheme grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

cleaning up is an understatement

cleaning up is an understatement, originally uploaded by jonolist.

we had to clear our studios on friday and that meant bringing back all my barang barang home. And then i decided to clean up the room......i think i opened a hell hole

organing dedusting, repacking and so much more. There goes the Saturday.


here's the reworked shelve. Mum had excess glass jars so i did this.

close up of the glass jar shelf

click on the picture or this link and scroll over the objects for some further descriptions. Finally found a nice place for that Aoshi Model from Rurouni Kenshin. (er yes i once enjoyed anime of that sort)

update: packing

Friday, April 13, 2007

travis - boy with no name

oh so Travis are gonna release their new album real soon....YAY! so here's one of their tracks, closer from the soon to be released album "boy with no name"

the Ben Stiller part was a funny bit. His cameos are beginning to get very familiar don't you think? no? then watch this Jack Johnson video.

on a side note. Anyone realise today was friday the 13th? one gives a shite about them already.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

shameless promo

so some ntu students had to do a submission video on i dunnoewhat. Forgive them for the pirates theme music ending (Yan Zhao it really sucks lah the last part)

and since Yan Zhao (now you owe me two lunches..hint hint see entry before this one) worked on it and said he "coloured like mad" (of which i just laughed away considering the way we just "zua" our copic markers") so bo pian must help him like spread the word, get him some view counts, up the ratings and all.

it may not achieve youtube honor status but hey give them a chance lah. they not SADM students lei, so quite good liao ( cuz i know SADM students do better editting hahaha)

ME and the U Crazy What

ME and the U Crazy What, originally uploaded by jonolist.

finally i finished a Botak Jones Triple Botak Beef Burger. It felt like eating a cow. It was worth the running then the skipping lunch and half a breakfast for this.

On this day 10 April 2007, I JON LIN have conquered the triple Botak (set with cheese and salad greens) aka the U Crazy What. It's one of those things i had to do before i die.

I'm a happy man!


yay! anyhoo here are the phtos of us with our crit panel consisting of Dr Tan Beng Kiang, Ong Ker Shing and Neo Sei Hwa (NEO SEI HWA RULES!!!!! all future year twos under him you must treasure your time under him okay!)

anyway the girls went first then the guys, I don't why it was so but it feels very kindergarten school like, in a good way. I ended up last, whether that was good or bad i still don't know, the tutors were too tired to crit but i do appreciate Shing's comments. A thousand apologies for not attending Huilian and Thomaso's crits, the archi gods must be playing games with the line up when we all had to present at the same time.

presenting to you Studio 6 Year 2 Semester 2

Xiao Xing's Crit

Rulin's Crit

Adeline's Crit

Regina's Crit

Beatrice's Crit

Ahana's Crit

Ya Ou
Ya Ou's Crit

Harvey's Crit

Zhiyong's Crit

Nicky's Crit

Nicholas' Crit

My Crit

oh and after all that some of us headed to BOTAK JONES at Clementi. Yes after so much talk and all finally i could bring everyone there. Zhiqin and I (considered old veterens at this joint) had the honour to introduce to our fellow mates the joys of botak jones, cheap and shiok food fit for a king.


yeah we all had a good meal. In total i think we ate a full cow's worth of meat, a few chickens and probably a hectare worth of a potato farm. Damn power lah, we confirm screwed up singapore's carbon footprint liao.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

days were the those

days were the those, originally uploaded by jonolist.

its crit day and i would be lying if i told it i'm not the least bit kanchong/nervous/nervioso/nervös/nerveux/紧张/zenuwachtig

anyhoo check out that retro teevee at the left hand corner. I MISS IT SO MUCH! no remote control btw.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used look good on that, unlike the ones they show in cinemas now.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

single prawn noodle

single prawn noodle, originally uploaded by jonolist.

i miss doing this at this hour. a nice sleep ensues

prawn with instant noodles. One prawn can up the taste factor by so much!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

post submission hair

post submission hair, originally uploaded by jonolist.

so sleeping on one side after 10 hours creates this......nice...i'm gonna try the other side now.

damn its really hard work trying to catch up on lost sleep. submission is friggin over but the reality of it all hasn't kicked in yet. F@#K exams! holidays start now!

is it really worth not sleeping for this?

elevations panel, originally uploaded by jonolist.

i really don't know

Thursday, April 05, 2007

not taken

not taken, originally uploaded by jonolist.