Friday, February 29, 2008

Of Capitol Restoran Satay Celup

Heaven can sometimes be in the form of satay sauce and a variety of meats, fried yummies and seafood on sticks. Satay Celup is thy name, lorong bukit cina is where one commits their indulgent sins. gluttons are made, skinnies are fattened, shirts are dirtied and many a good time has been shared here.


Preparing the SauceYoutiaoGrin!

Pek versus Satay CelupThomas and Satay CelupThe dippers!Ballsmore balls

Satay Celup

Check out the size of this prawn!!!!

anyway we had a great meal there. Pek and Thomas had 30 sticks i had 35 thus i was champion of the satay celup but the real winner was thomas because his ang moh-ness/ charm got us this steal of a mother big prawn which the other tables didn't get. Its only 60 cents a stick and we had one big one and a few more special mini abalones.

oh and we had major stomaches the next day because of the overeating (not the double dipping so no worries about hygiene lah , anyway who cares?) and the beer and running back while it was raining didn't help.

but all in all i'll go back again because at 60sen a stick its a damn good meal!!!! i could eat a 100RM worth of sticks alone, but it wuld be better with like 10 people!!! so we can eat 1000RM worth. that'll be like a restoran rekord (note melayu spelling). So please head down to lorong bukit cina for some good food (thanks to Huilian for the directions there)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Of Nua-ness

What a fantastic trip to Melaka! it was psychedelic, crazy, lazy and tonnes of fun just bumming around, eating eating and talking about all things that concern with nua-ing around. If i could waste another weekend like that again, i couldn't ask for more but hang out with the same bunch of Nua pals all over again.

Oui JY!Nua DayNua DayUrban Explorers
Cheers!HongguanWannabe AlcoholicsDawnprawn with all the ideas
Andrea Kissing Invisible Owenat the FortI sketch i laugh i thinkARGH! my neck! its stuck to the table!
Ching's new brotherambiguous kawaii duoHuilian and Miao LingWhip out your cameras!
PrawnAndrea-bengthomas and pekHuilian
WOOHOO A&W!Not banksyGroip shotPek and Huilian

Pek & Satay Celup Showdownyoyo!Checkout my cans!"jit bah ban!"

Huilian and her big ideaBeatrice and her not so big ideaMiaoling and her many ideasHuilian's Shoe

PekInvisible chicken wingHongguan and JyThe Chendol Store Intern
Pek sucks!Excited of not!!!???Dawn and BeatriceThomas

nua-ness is the new hang out, the kim gary of time wasting!
btw i created a collection of photos called "friends" so its easier to seperate the friends shots from the people shots from the animal shots from the archi shots. go view the "friends" set here

jon's Flickr Friends Set

In it you would find old stuff like photos from year one (OMG my hair sucked! but so was everyone else's), our drunkard days in studio, travels with mates and old JC friends. ahhh nostalgia!