Friday, August 31, 2007

of random urban stuff the need to update

looking through some backlog of photos i had awhile back. Been rather busy lately with lotsa stuff of which i'm rather excited about and would show to you guys soon, in a week or two but for now, i got to get to work and catch up on snooze on a precious friday evening. Enjoy some scenes in Bras Basah, of which lately i have taken a fond liking of the food and secret spaces around it. The food i'll share, but the spaces i'll keep for myself.

ref third pic:I never realised the high denisty of greens we had in this area, it was strange to then be enlightened by a black and white photo of it.

PatternLife, originally uploaded by jonolist.

UrbanGeometry, originally uploaded by jonolist.

StreetScapes, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Of not schoolwork aka. competition

IFHP.Iconic Image, originally uploaded by VotreX.

So we finally submitted our models and panels and hopefully they make a safe trip to Copenhagen. (courier services are mother ex lah) Well done Hongguan, Darryl and Jy, it was a mad rush near the end but hey its done!

and it looks good! especially this render, special thanks to Hongguan for his superb photoshop skill.

You can view our IFHP competition entry here and see a review of it on local archi blog fivefootway (which is pretty good! support local blogs with a cause!).

I don't how they found out about our entry but thanks to our extended NUS Architecture seniors, you guys thought of a better title than us; we really should have called it "What If Our HDB Flats Were Given a Second Life?"

Sunday, August 26, 2007

of saturdays spent while not doing research

National Library of Singapore, originally uploaded by jonolist.

View of the city from the top floor link bridge at the National Library of Singapore.

Architects: Swan and Maclaren, DP Architects Private Limited, T.R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn Bhd

Thursday, August 23, 2007


OMFG!!! THE NIKON D3!!!1, originally uploaded by jonolist.

taken from gizmodo

dual CF card slots!
12.1-megapixel FX format (full frame) CMOS sensor
a 3-inch, 920,000-pixel VGA viewfinder with a 170-degree viewing angle
a 51-point autofocus system with 15 cross-type AF points
200-6400 ISO range with the abilty to go iiso 25600 at hi2 mode (i shit you not!)

omg this is worth robbing a bank for!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sustainability is the new "fetch"

My new technology focused design studio (for the next four weeks) has started out on the wrong foot, or so it seems and will continue to stumble blindly into an unknown and terribly tragic path of ambiguity. in brief the technology design outline requires and blatantly states that we are to produce 2 details of passive and active architectural details, one of them specifically on PVs (photovoltaic cells). Further inquiry from tutors in a Q&A session about the aims of the brief only proved disappointing as we were told that the 2 prong aim of the tech course was to...

1. Learn technical detailing with critical understanding of the way things work. In so doing, i'm assuming here, to derive design ideas based on structural systems or other advances in construction or building technology. And of course the tutors would then start to brighten up and say "like how you would design a roof made of solar panels? or a naturally ventilated roof?" nothing wrong with saying that but this leads me to my second point....

2. Focus on Environemental and energy saving FEATURES which you will implement in the design of your building. And then the tutors start to champion "sustainabilty" like its the new cool word for the year (which i disagree...that honour goes to Hard Gay's "say say say say!" ). The tutors then assured us that all the other two groups (the environment group and the urban group) had to factor in "sustainability" in their designs too. Suddenly every tutor wants to hug a tree! What the ?? Then whats the point of having three separate groups in the first place? This half hearted-ness in approach reminds me of something Tey Kheng Soon once said in a "emergency guest lecture" held a few months back on our architectural efforts in sustainability, that we were merely paying lip service.

The approach for sustainability seems to be the new direction for the school, yet no one openly states it, majority of guest lectures focus on "eco" themes, we hold sustainability workshops, tropical workshops, design and environment modules. We have recycling bins (this one was meant as a joke) and heck we fucking won RAG too! er....yeah RAG, the thing that was supposed to be made mainly of recycled materials that was meant to raised funds for charities, you know the one that people sacrifice their holidays for, losing sleep sticking coke cans on to a diesel powered truck? then throwing themselves several feet into the air in hopes of winning a worthless plaque? I once heard of an accident when a guy missed and left a tossed girl broken legged on the day somebody's is gonna di................eee touch wood, okay i digressed ..i apologize. (though one day i will compose my disdain for such massive worthless show of opulence and everyone of you in hall can slam me upside down)

back to studio. Technology as how one of the tech tutors described, was derived from the Greek word techne (craft), and is the ability to adapt and make use of one's environment. I totally agree with that but i would also like to add that technology has gone beyond the physical realm that it now covers a more broader and robust term. One that goes beyond the definition imposed by the Industrial revolution. Information, Medical, Quantam physics and wireless communication are so prevalent in our everyday lives, intellectual technologies such as economical and social theories are so important for the progress of society. I was rather excited about doing a tech module, hoping to get my hands dirty in scripted codes or the spatial relationship of a wireless home. The tutors did mention that what i said was interesting but that it would mean that i diverged from the brief rather than focus was on energy savings, the environment and technical details of such. I realised it was useless to do battle when they started throwing names like Calatrava and Renzo Piano (note! i love you two and i totally dig your works and they shouldn't have used your names in such travesty!)

Technology to what i could comprehend from their QnA (where A probably meant baseless Assumptions rather than the holy book of Answers) was just a glorified name for the major A&A (addition and alteration) Technical Detailing in a HDB flat in which can one can run a teevee with solar power preferably on a naturally ventilated penthouse or balcony.

The tech group's approach to sustainability is so focused on features that it almost kills off the broad aspects of the term. Earning a green mark platinum award does not save us from global warming. National Library stores books, hold plays, does exhibitions and uses 168kwh/m2 per year while Changi General Hospital 132kwh/m2 per year, it serves a large population, saves lives, hold talks, has a food court and probably has mini library on its own. Whats the point of adding ventilation roofs or double glazed CR windows when all you need is an electric fan? which probably uses less energy than the embodied energy required to manufacture a double glazed glass or stack-effect roof, and its almost guranteed to work unlike the later two?

Just like how green mark awards points for buildings with sensor triggered taps(up to 4 points for "excellent basin taps" part 2 item 1) , we archi students are graded for how many architectural features we can squeeze onto a house/heritage centre/fucking ambigous creative space. Just install photovoltaic windows with naturally ventilated corridors and earn yourself at least half a grade higher. i shit you not when i tell you that adding bicycle ramps can up your LEEDS from silver to gold (see LEEDS v2.1 New Construction and Major renovation, credit 4.2 alternative transportation: bicycle storage and changing rooms) . Even Mr Fung John Chye (and not Mr Kenn Yeo..sorry my bad mistaken identity) agrees with me on the flaws of green mark, him being on of their advisor's too. I respect the man but i could sense the uneasiness he had when he gave the weak excuse of "but thats what the layman wants. Features!" , you could tell he was rather sad at that fact one can only base their judgments on poor credit based systems and we all should feel the same too.

The school instead of being a mere subservient entity to the local architectural field should begin to change architect's and people's mindsets on sustainability, of the false and often pretty pictures of solar cells glimmering on roof decks and wind turbines spinning gracefully on high rise apartments. Why do we preach caring for the environment when the rest of the nation continues to en-bloc, killing off the social fabric we took so long to stitch together (that staement is so MCYS xia)? building ever increasing amounts of glass buildings (these days everything is double glazed, even if they don't need to be), praise rainwater recycling and build chlorine filled swimming pools?
There is so much more than much more

construction worker hard at work to push the cap scores of the architect who designed this building, for every panel he adds one gets a .01 cap score increase. bonus points for fixing up that windturbine in the storeroom on the same day.

You can forget what i wrote earlier but please read where i'm getting into next.

That sustainability at the end of it all is not just about saving energy. Your solar panels or wind turbines and zinc roofed naturally ventilated interior probably saved you from burning ten barrels of oil instead of the usual 20. But you still burned 10 you tree killing, polar bear murderer. BLDGBLOG's Architectural Sustainability article explains it better than me and probably is the best i've read so far. One should relook at our efforts to save the environment (reference The Next Industrial Revolution) and at the larger pespective, not fall into technicism. Which according to this wiki article is an over reliance or overconfidence in technology as a benefactor of society.

"der idear dere lah,
but your exerqushern not dere yet"
That's a very simple phrase in in the army meant as a consoling statement with an undertone of a suckerpunch. We used to say that to people who had the right intentions but could not work it out to accomplish what they wanted, i think the school probably needs it more than anything now.

updates: looks like uncle co seng has wrote something similar too! read it at his duper long super essay.

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Happy Birthday Thomas!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

hope you had a great time in botak jones, the cashier told me it was the most happening botak jones table he served.

Enjoy yourself in ETH, if you need me to parcel you some instant butter chicken or bak kut teh sachet...just email me.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Of Lenin and Cooks

"Any cook should be able to run the country"
Vladimir Lenin

Lenin, originally uploaded by jonolist.

My favorite Lenin quote

(pic taken in Lenin park Hanoi)

and update!
Liverpool game! final score Liverpool 1 - Chelsea 1 (damn it!) We should have won! we really should have and you girls can go drool over Fernando Torres! He is more than just good looks.

i love free teevee, originally uploaded by jonolist.

even if it breaks the law, heck, the liverpool chelsea game was too exciting to miss. Damn the ref sucks and the score should have been at least 4-0 with Fernando Torres at least getting a hat trick.

anyway tv watching on the computer allows you to msn with your pool of pool (all pun intended) friends. Most of the conversation went "fuck!, damn! fuck! goooallll! damn! , we can do it!!!"

go liverpool!
* sings heartily in bedroom "you'll never walk alone"

apologies for the f-bombs, Rob Styles the referee for the game was really pathetic, how bad was Rob Styles you say? well 30 mins after the match his wikipedia entry already adds his stupidity for not sending of Micheal Essien after two yellows. you gotta love the Internet

thanks to my good pal Teng Sheng for the wiki update

Friday, August 17, 2007

The one about Teh Tarik, Goddess of Mercy laser eye beam and other nongsense

Teh Tarik, originally uploaded by jonolist.

in Penang, a midday break consist of Teh Tarik. I wonder why i never saw any chinese do a teh tarik, its just Teh to them.....damn i still miss "not sg".

Speaking of Penang.....

???, originally uploaded by a leaf of....

this picture is weird, so weird.

taken at the largest temple complex/ money making enterprise in Penang. note weird looking/ kawaii horoscope statues and dog enslaved park bench. Man I had a hard time not laughing and making lame references (think merlion in sentosa but goddess of mercy with laser eye beam)

courtesy of Jiayu from qmark!


There's no point in telling yourself you lack sleep, the time wasted on bitching about how little sleep i had for the past one week could be better spent blogging or doing what you bitch not having enough of. Which marks the birth of this bout of random nongsense.

Weird picture jumping thingamajig

Please go try clicking on this button . No worries its not a virus, but think of it as how this blog would look like if your drunk. works best on large screens.

The actual javascript code for this is

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.getElementsByTagName('img'); DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=(Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5)+'px';*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5)+'px'}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0);


If I Was Drunk
OMG i would so wear this shirt when I order macs or when forced to eat lousy food in school. When having lousy economical rice (oxymoron stall name, not cheap at all) I'll wear this Anthony Bourdain one, dedicated to their sweet sour pork.


Check out this toothbrush. It has a curved back on the head so that it redirects the falling water (fallingwater...geddit? hur hur hur) from the faucet to create a water cooler like fountain for rinsing....damn smart lah. I bet all you archi people who still maintain dental hygeine will want one of these....and that means i want ah

found in swissmiss (originally from crib candy)

mother looc videos you should really watch

people in church and others would slam me for showing you this but really we should listen to what....heck, its really cool go watch, lyrical coolness, its pure class from the guys who brought you Thous Shalt Always Kill, Dan Le Sac vs. Scoobius Pip - Letter from God

and after hearing that it felt like i was asking every question i asked in church and got sighed at for.

on a lighter note
This is so friggin cute!!!! I love the Keepon! if you guys in Korea are reading this please ferry to japan and steal one of them for me.
Keepon dancing to Spoon's "Don't You Evah"

Watching that video is like reading a Murakami story sans classic literature or 60's music references but interspersed with cute creatures of bubblegum kawaii proportions dancing to techie like beats.

so there you go, now carry on you you silly architects, churning concepts upon concepts which according to you were based on historical axises or scientific references, recollections of past memories and experiences but eventually just end up being a string of words transformed into lines that somehow don't always seem to be coherent in reality even though they started off from there.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fried Chicken Skin

Fried Chicken Skin, originally uploaded by jonolist.

and assorted deep fried stuff. The chicken skin was superb, oily crispy deep fried chicken skin, it can't taste any better than the this, should go well with beer (though i really wanted a "100 plus" can drink that day). Sinfully good, terribly bad for arteries but no one really gives a damn.

Gurney Road Penang. Damn i want to go there again

School's started and the studio combinations can't get any better than this. We have a UN group of 12. Students from Vietnam, Myanmar, Korean, Mauritian, Malaysian and a Serbian Tutor. (and the 4 of us from sg) I think we're gonna get Mr Rashid from Bangladesh next for p2 (yayyyyy). woot! i won't swap studio with anyone hahah!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunset Bridge

Sunset Bridge, originally uploaded by jonolist.

looking thru the Vietnam photos one last time before i clear them from Lightroom and back them up, along with the other photos of my various escapades, its almost sad to delete them, but i have to make way for the work load of the new semester.

Oh how i wish i was here again where things age gracefully and exude honest charm, things i know my country will never seem to appreciate.

Hue, Coastal Views, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

of motherland

Pixels, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Hairpee Berthrdhae Singapore, even with the ever increasing cost of living and poor upper management, packed public transport and saddening state of local football. I still love you like i love chicken rice....but i really just love the skin.

Ice Cream Feast @ Home

Ice Cream Feast @ Home, originally uploaded by jonolist.

the Tuckshop outing didn't go as planned (some weird photo exhibition / cheap food buffet going on there). So we all went back to my place to help me taste test (and finish up) my two batches of ice cream. Vanilla Apricot flavor and Nutella Ice Cream. *Note to self: Nutella is very thick and hard to add to ice cream when churning if you don't dilute it with some oil and cream.

Glad everyone liked it, i'm gonna do more soon, will try some Baileys, Chocolate, and Masala Chai stuff next time. Thanks Molly Andrea Owen Samantha Thomas.

Oh and i never knew Ice Cream and playing Taboo could be such a fun combination. Team Kitchenaid vs Team Durum Wheat (because that's what pasta is made from....okay long story). Durum Wheat won most of the games, but that's before we decided to play Guys versus Girls. Or what i would like to call, Standers vs Sitters. Girls beat us hands down...we let them win one mah!!

It was damn funny when Owen had to play one particular card to Thomas and me.

Owen: guys have one but three of us don't have!
Thomas: Belly!
Me: Beer belly!
Owen: Noooooo. DON"T HAVE not HAVE!
Thomas: hur? orrrr ABs!??
Me: yeah Abs!
Owen yeah abs but another name!
Me: Abdominals? Abdominal muscles?
Thomas: Flat???
Owen: yeah but another name for it! You give a number to it!
Me: !!!!! SIX PACK!!!!!

proceeds to clear that card in time! funny how we all admit the fact that the three of us lack a set of those. The ice cream totally didn't help then.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


late last night on msn Yanzhao sent me a few songs of which is-quite-gan-dong one. Yanzhao's my army slacker bunkmate and the guy who sends me a treasure load of chinese songs to listen to. in Army we could talk music, transformers, cartoon nostalgia and girls to slack the day away while i dig his trench for him. hahaha but i digress, he sent me this Zhang Zhen Yue song which is very good but i think his explanation would be better

flutter of an arcane hope 思念是一种病(Yanzhao) says:
flutter of an arcane hope 思念是一种病 says:
rocks eh
flutter of an arcane hope 思念是一种病 says:
the title sounds like a chessy love song
flutter of an arcane hope 思念是一种病 says:
but u look at the lyrics
flutter of an arcane hope 思念是一种病 says:
reflects realism
flutter of an arcane hope 思念是一种病 says:
not jus love, but yearning
jon: eyes scream! says:
wah deep stuff, i never thought you know all this

Thanks brother for the nice song, i was caught by surprise yet again by the deep thought and surprisingly simple stuff that Zhang Zhen Yue creates. nice

oh and Ryan (and the army affiliation goes on, this time an ex recruit of mine) did you mean this KT Tunstall performance? yeah its like Imogen Heap's one but i still think the Imogen Heap one rocks. KT Tunstall sings with tonnes of energy, perks me up all the time, even my dad loves this song, he calls this song the "black horse woohoo song" This song btw used to be like some archi theme song in Thomas's studio in year one sem two. Nono noooo no no no no no no no

I love the extra dub dub dub part she did at 3:45. i wish i was there, i think i'm in need of a good rock concert, something to match the Oasis one.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ice Cream Making Tuesdays

Ice Cream Making Tuesdays, originally uploaded by jonolist.

With the brother (oorrrrrrr pon school!), churning the vanilla ice cream mixture into the kitchenaid ice cream attachment.
While pouring out the vanilla mixture we found orange lumps coming out.

Brother: wah lau! lumps! shit
Me: come?
B: maybe overcook
M: so jialat? *brother prods thru the mixture to find a whole batch of apricots inside
B: huh apricots? must be mummy add in last night wan,
M: wah lau so much summore! aiyah shouldn't sleep so early last night (we knocked out at 10pm...early, mother early considering she sleeps at 2am plus)
B: you know last night she very funny, cannot divide 600ml by 2.

proceeds to dump the rest of teh apricot lumps in, didn't taste too bad, more tropical than i wanted it to be, later we're gonna do a plain one.

this is gonna be one of those mornings that i'll miss when school starts. mehhhhhh

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Of Food & Cadbury (not the chocolate)

NGOH HIANG GUAN CHIANG!!!!! slurppppss

Zhong Zhong Ngoh Hiang Guan Chiang

I've been eating from this stall since i was a kid, They were once in Chinatown Hawker Centre which is currently under renovation, their at the Chinatown Temporary Market outside Outram MRT station along with the other famous stalls all full of stories to share and great food to offer. I love going to Chinatown Temporary Market, cuz its not so hard to walk there from Outram MRT and its very terms of the both the people and food. There's always a film crew around or food reviewer along so carrying camera around here is like a special press pass to good stuff and ermmm extra benefits

25 Lime - LimeJuice

25 lime lime juice, That's what the lady told me when she served me this drink. in Hokkien "this lime Juice got 25 limes inside!". I was like "no shite!? really meh?" and then i took a sip of what must have been the best sour thirst quencher on a hot day today.

I guess dangling that camera (i was too lazy to place it in my bag) over the neck while ordering must have played some part in the extra limes, cause the boss came out soon after and told me "this juice really got extra sour right? ho bo??" i could only nod my head while squinting the sourness out.

and then on a totally of random subject meet Cadbury

Cadbury loves to lick, originally uploaded by jonolist.

This is Darryl's dog, Cadbury a male beagle (wah lau food breed name). Cadbury licks jumps and humps people and cameras, thus the off shot of him. Cadbury has amnesia. He jumps on you and sniffs you then walks away only to return sprinting back humping licking and sniffing you again like its the first time he smelled you.
The amnesia thing is cute for the first 5 times, then it just gets kinda difficult to put on your shoes.

He's got a funky dog smell i think i can get accustomed to but Darryl says his fleas are the cause of his acne....yeah right blame the dog.....

Friday, August 03, 2007


stuff on my camera phone i wanted to post but didn't accumulate enough to do so.
till now..

in Hanoi

Whatever Uncle Ho says = coolness

In Train from Hue To Saigon. Duong Sat Viet Nam DSVN Vietnam Railways

Vietnamese Railway Toilet, originally uploaded by jonolist.

On the seater class, the sleeper class is the same. And sometimes the stink can travel into your berth....not nice at all. but the view from here still quite fantastic........

i mean there's window in the toilet for you breath.

back in sg

FromTheCameraPhoneofJon, originally uploaded by jonolist.

This mother and her two kids had a fun time walking thru this muddy shortcut in Lavender and i was behind watching their tiptoe acrobatics. The mother was quite good with one umbrella in hand and a baby on the other. The daughter (in blue) got stuck halfway and her mum had to carry her up too, i bet she didn't want her Bata shoes soiled. Makes me think of when i was a kid but that's another story.

this was also taken on a a gear buying day walking from Horne Road Lavender Street to Bugis Sim Lim and Peninsula plaza (prawn! go there again lei! that is if your reading this which is quite impossible unless your in some dodgy interent cafe in Cambodia now). Lavender, Kitchener Road is where the Eastgear showroom is. $10 17inch laptop sleeve with memory foam, 1/3 the usual price and my extra d70s batteries yayyyy.

From there i take the above mentioned shortcut to Bugis but i make sure i walk a slightly off route thru Little India. nahhh who am i kidding i had to take a big detour to Little India. I love that place,i found a place that has masala chai ice cream and another with decent cheap naan &&&&&&& i love Mustafa and i'm eyeing a casio remote control watch now, it can control tv sets lei! and has a calculator function so i can cheat in my Western History of Architecture exams next time. Every geek needs to buy gear on a frequent basis and i like doing mine alone before stuff happens like school or going on trips, i wish this was a gear buying one before a trip but sighhhh its for damn school. and please.....the answer is no girls, please don't compare my gear hunts to your mango sales, ITS DIFFERENT! you can roll eyes now

and now for some camera loving

Things worth saving up for, originally uploaded by jonolist.

found at that store next to Cathay Photo, damn $1250 means i need to Bento lunch and dinner for one year. And prices for the Leica lense will so burn me. BUT I WANT!

i wishes i have this, originally uploaded by jonolist.

i wishes i have this
very muches when i have many many money money

oh baby i will own you one day.... (i dun like the flash though, i'll match you up with a metz)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hidden Space

Hidden Space, originally uploaded by jonolist.

"The homes that sandwich the passage are of two distinct types and blend together as well as liquids of two different specific gravities. First there are the houses dating from way back, with big backyards; then there are the comparatively newer ones. None of the new houses has any yard to speak of; some don't have a single speck of of yard space. Scarcely enough room between the eaves and the passage to hang out over two lines of laundry. In some places, clothes actually hang out over the passage, forcing me to inch past rows of still-dripping towels and shirts. I'm so close i can hear television playing and toilets flushing inside. I even smell curry cooking in one kitchen"
Haruki Murakami
The Wind-Up Bird & Tuesday's Women from the book "The Elephant Vanishes"

i can't find the link but something made me wanna post a picture after reading that.

random video of the day

Nothing is better at saying "women rock at multitasking" than Imogen Heap's live rendition of Just For Now. You can't really call it acapella nor electronica, it's just beautiful and too geeky-cool to be classified. Fantastic pitch.