Sunday, September 28, 2008

of snapshots

a mishmash of vignettes from wonderful city i've grown to love....

The City

CH2's RooftopThe City

Monaco HouseShowers in the Late Afternoon

where a rainbow crashed

Its Spring!

Shrine Of Remembrance

Shrine Of RemembranceShrine Of Remembrance

Shrine Of Remembrance

Shrine Of Remembrance

EntranceLurking by the Stairs


Open Sanctuary



anyway reflecting back on my home city of Singapore, one usually faces the questions posed by others or even oneself of which city i prefer.....which really isn't the point. The fundamental point being to make the best of the current situation, which is in my personal opinion the best way to have fun wherever you are.

That said Singapore is just as equally fun a city as Melbourne, just that it takes abit more effort to enjoy it (weather and navigation-wise...small problems really). Singapore in case many of you have forgotten has full of surprises and ain't the boring straight laced city the west often portrays us to be. Neither is my motherland the mainstream boring food garden zouked haji sentosa commerce hub overdosed city Uniquely Singapore often wants everyone to believe it is. Anyway all this lyrical is meant as a promo for my bruddars and sistas back home busy organising the Architours. Architours is back for the 2nd time showing people the gems of architecture you never though Singapore had. Run by students and made accessible to everyone, this years architours have been organised to provide solid line up of buildings and sites to visit around Singapore, expect a fun, casual yet informative walk while learn and appreciate what living in a unique city like Singapore really means (it IS UNIQUE and not in a tourism commercial ad kinda way)

so go visit the archifest architours website

Friday, September 26, 2008

Of more Thomas & Shuxian

Thomas & Shuxian, originally uploaded by jonolist.

one more night! heh!

we had undergrad's budget supper aka indomie partay!!!

this is the post meal lieonfloorwatchtrashy tv pose

i'm still laughing at how funny all this turned out.

Anyway just to let you guys know...there was no extra cost, it was all waivered and the two dudes should be back safe in sg (albeit slighty heavier) by tomorrow. have a good weekend!

Of Shuxian & Thomas

Shuxian & Thomas, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I was doing the laundry after sending Thomas and Shuxian to Southern Cross station today for their shuttle bus to the airport. It was emo time uploading photos whiel the drone of the washing machine filled the lonely room.

and then i got a call. "EH DUDE we miss our flight!"

so there was slight shimmy and jiggle at the laundry room BECAUSE "HEY HEY HEY! YOU GUYS ARE BACK!"

its the weird bumps in the road that make this thing we call life so much more interesting eh?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

of more of the studio in melbourne


at the Melbourne Museum

at the Melbourne Museum

at the Melbourne Museum

Dawn and Jia

Jia and Shux

Beats and Jia

prawn is high

Lloyd and Pek



Jia and Shux


Dawn and Beats

more to come!


THE STUDIO in MELBOURNE!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

WOOHOO!!!! will be busy bringing them around so out for updates

anyway its the TWO WEEK break now. i love unimel!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Of Happy 21st Soph!

Hey Rainbow Puking nonUnicorn! Happy 21st! down get too sloshed tonight.

Happy 21st Soph!

Happy 21st Soph!

Happy 21st Soph!

Happy 21st Soph!

Happy 21st Soph!

Happy Birthday Soph!

Happy 21st Soph!

Happy 21st Soph!

Happy 21st Soph!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

of sundays with bob and jimi

bob and jimi, originally uploaded by jonolist.

i'm working on this lame urban thingiebob now.......totally not into it....but heh lets just get this over and done with and on with some building plis.

anyhoo here's bob and jimi, they look after the house and make sure no one steals the sofa.

*p.s. justin, that bob poster's for you but i hope you dun mind i use it first heh?*

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Of what's on my desk! exchange student style

overnights, originally uploaded by jonolist.

moved the dining table to the window so that i could work with some light (+table lamp) and a larger space.

i've been up the whole night and working on this since monday....
clearly urban planning is not for me. lets move on with the architecture please!

this photo was kindly brought to you by large macchiato with 3 sugars!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

of a little photo show


if i had a little apartment with large white walls, i'll play this song

i'll serve tic tacs and coffee, fried rice and cheese
and then dangle a little disco ball by the window
but its just 7am in the morning and i'll
bluetac these photos on a wall
and have a camera hooked on wifi to the web
and hopefully someone else does it somewhere too
and we can share a rocking good time
but hey if your reading this now you just need abit of imagination

what the heck am i saying?.....on with the photos!!!!

the one who really enjoyed the fish&chipsvictoria/gallery.of.national\



lets hang

what all tacos really are



from the top
2.the one who really enjoyed the fish&chips
8.lets hang
9.what all tacos really are
so go out and do your own trippy photos. you don't need a lomo to do it, you just need a happy song!