Monday, March 31, 2008

Of on hold

i know everyone is waiting for this week's (SBOW) Studio Babe Of The Week

but after a run today i'm damn cui and the minute after writing this post i'm crashing to my bed. I shall post SBOW in due time with damn hot pics of this weeks winner.

to all archicon students good luck for the test on wednesday!
heres a shot of one of Prof Tse's favorite building

Spaceship portal, originally uploaded by jonolist

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Of teh nightmarez of constructionz

urban earthwork, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Scary looking shopping centre in mongkok.
felt like an insect crawling through layers of soil in here.
The escalator is uber massive, must have been a detailing headache.
and there's a Guggenheim like downward spiral circulation,
only that it isn't really a spiral but full of kinks.
On paper it looks good,
in reality damn tiring to move down.
also a detailing headache.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

of Stars - Your Ex Lover is Dead

so chioooooo

the kinda band i wanna be in if i ever could be in one.

oh and yes i'm still into The Pipettes!! glasses girl love

then this is one band i wanna catch in Oz
ARCHIECTURE IN HELSINKI! so cool! (not a big fan of the name but their music is teh bombz)

Of Chanel Mobile Art Container

Chanel Mobile Art Container, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Chanel Mobile Art Container in collaboration with Zaha Hadid.

one of the things we were looking forward to visit but we were too late, the tickets to the exhibits inside we fully booked all the way till its closing date. what a waste...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Of Happy Valley

We went to visit the Herzog & de Meuron Hong Kong exhibition at the Racing Club Museum when we figured we might as well find out how to watch a race there too.

AND BOY WAS IT FUN! so happening can.

Happy Valley, originally uploaded by jonolist.

There's Hongguan figuring out how to place bets, we still don't get it. There are like 4 kinds of bets we don't even get the first one.

Hong Guan at Happy Valley

Oh and they have a Macdonalds there

a big mac meal is called a "big winner" meal,

fish o fillet burger meal = fly to win meal

6 piece Mcnuggets meal = (my fav) 6 win bonus meal , which was what we had.

No special horse meat, not that anyone wanted it. They have tonnes of food stalls though, slightly marked up but you can bring your own food there too.
(dubbie!!! we can have happy valley picnic there next time!!!)

Carlsberg and Stella Artois sell their diluted variety there in jugs and pints, expensive even after the currency conversion. All meant to rip the money off alcoholic kwai los. No shit, us calculative chinese , we'll just stick to our 6 win bonus meal thank you.

Happy Valley

Anyway i guessed the right horse(no3!!!! gog0gogo!) but didn't bet, technically i still have my "virgin horse bet" luck which i shall use to win big money (on 6 win bonus or winner pool bet) and buy everyone dim sum !!! thats if anyone can teach me how to shade those tickets first.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Sorry for the delay, nominations have been flooding in while i was away.
It was a tough fight among a few "hunk-to-be"s
but the votes were counted and the winner has emerged

....ladies and ladies (and some of you gentlemen).......

Hailing from Negeri Sembilan , this week's STUDIO HUNK is PEK HONG!

or Pek as we all call him.

like last week's hunkoftheweek, this ex ACS boy brings on the charm with his muscle/brain power which is a combination most guys can't seem to get right these days.
One can tell that this man excels at both in brawn and brain by the fact that this
dude pwns everyone in Capoeira (real life brazilian martial art/dance) and Capoeria Fighter (a flash based street fighter style computer game, very hot in dds now)

Here's a photo of Pek in his usual pose standing at the top of St Paul's,
swooning the girls from his neighboring state of Melaka.
Yes his hunk status travels far and wide.

Pek, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Pek's hair is a mystery in this tropical region where the usual chinese male has crap silky smooth hair with dead ends. This guy is the total opposite. Its fluffy appearance and outofbed look is alluring to girls who often turn their head as Pek walks past the studio corridors.

The cause of it could be due to the fact that Pek has been to Sweden (already a plus point to some) and honed his afro look against the common Swedish guy which every girl here finds seductiveto start with. The fascination with the western hairdo on asian heads is uncommon, it breaks conventions and questions the very basis of your typical conceptions of the Asian Adonis.

and thats just his hair....

Self admittedly the man is also an Auntie sha shou, who often uses this rarely god given talent for the extra rice or fishballs at technoedge. A few flexes of the left/right bicep and he could get a free macs upsize (flex both and they give a happy meal toy).

anyway Pek's probably going to use his hands of steel (which are gentle on models) to crush my skull when he reads this at 3am in the morning, that's why i choose to work at home this weekend, because Pek's the DDS resident HUNK when JY is not around (yes girls, go look for him there at the fishtank dds!)

to know more about PEK go read his blog and see more of this weeks studio hunk of the week.

nominations for next weeks STUDIO HUNK/BABE of the WEEK are open.

I can't emphasis more but to say that this weekly feature isn't just about guys! It is HUNK SLASH BABE of the week. okay change BABE slash HUNK of the week!

Apparently the girls are voting more (for the guys), i don't get it! why no one vote babes? are there no babes in STUDIO????? Is the population of the male adonis so overpowering that all the babes have left for a different faculty like Dentistry??? this is an open call for babeoftheweek nominations!! please!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Of Lin Heung Teahouse Hong Kong

Just got back from Hong Kong, was too busy there that we could only squeeze a few food trips. good thing we came here on our last day.

Lin Heung Teahouse where breakfast/brunch was with Stella and Hongguan.

Stella and Hongguan, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Leng Yong Bao!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Lotus bean paste Bun yums! love the salted egg

(yes when we broke it up the first thing that ran thru our heads wasss ...

hmmm mooncake...) *long pause savouringthegoodness moment

Lin Heung Teahouse, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Lin Heung Teahouse

160-164 Wellington Street, 2544-2556


Yum cha-ing can't getting anymore original than this store here. I need to go back there again because i didn't get to eat their dai baos and custard buns. anyone???

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

of greetings from hong kong!

fast post saying hello from hong kong!
we're in some too cool atas cafe with 25hkd snapple because the big area below us are like swooming with fans (yes fan-see) of kelly chen because she has some b grade period movie release.

anyway off to dessert part 2 now. 
wish you all were here.ciao!

btw IKEA HK has like the chippest ice cream cones ever 2hkd!!! less than 50cents lei!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Of how to swoon

just pick up a guitar and learn to play this song...

damn is he good, okay so everyone got to watch him play at mosaic

not fair i wanna go too.

oh and listen to this one, i have to apolgise for the soap video snippets but this was the best version on youtube.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


by popular demand
Introducing a new weekly feature in the blog.
starting with the current "suddenlyimdamnhansem" super hunk.


yes Jonathan Yue makes fat short people look real ugly with his 7 feet frame and porcelain skin
The ex ACS boy turns on the charm with his gentleman manners, doesn't get drunk, is damn smart and omg ladies watch out for his deadly apple crumble.
Seriously you mean you guys never notice how shuai he is,
not even when he's standing next to me?
(think severe case of contrast)

currently single and straight with high cap score
seriously very rare in architecture to get this combi,
(any others please submit photo and cap score to be featured next week)

JY's like is so gonna kill me when he reads this.

here's a photo that will in the future grace the undersides of every girl's A1 drafting board.

JY, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Studio HUNK of the week was proudly brought to you by "the whirl according to jonolism",
advertisers and interested readers who belong to the lonely hearts club
please email me at for "opportunities" and contacts

(pls do not attempt to contact JY on your own, the male adonis of studio is already flooded with fanmail and korean drama acting proposals).

Potential submissions for hunk/babe of the week are also welcome!

applications start now!

Friday, March 14, 2008

OF Xio Bak and Instant Noodles

Xio Bak and Instant Noodles, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Grandma's Xio Bak (Roast Pork). Leftovers from yesterday's dinner. re-roasted in the oven for 15 mins to return it back to its crispyporkskingoodness and served with a nice hot bowl of instant noodles on a cold cold night. Suppers can't get any better.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Of Melaka (again)

i know i know, i promised it was the last time i posted these a few posts before but i just got back my slide scans and they look wonderful! 17mm on full frame with film is the lovelies....i lurve filem!!! enjoys

Chicken Rice, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Popout Pets, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Huilian, Ching & Miao, originally uploaded by jonolist.


oh do visit proconservation for a related post on Melaka's Old Shophouses

Things to do by Monday

requested by the others not from our studio. Good luck for interims guys!

From an email by Sei Hwa

Joint presentation:
- someone to spend 2 minutes introducing the overall context, master plan and the 3 sites. Use previously prepared information and site model

Individual presentation:
- A very simple massing model that can fit onto the site model
- Site plan, this is suppose to aid you explain the “context”
- All level plans (either 1:100 or 1:200… the bigger the better, with clarity as the aim)
- At least 2 sections (a long and a cross section)
- One 1:50 section show casing key construction and structural strategies
- Conceptual sheets/diagrams illustrating design intentions, environmental strategies, structural system and M&E considerations
- Material board
- Models… the whole lot you have done but do sequence them and use them as part of the presentation.
- Ensure drawing conventions are adhered to… you don’t want us struggling to understand the drawing, it doesn’t help the appreciation of design ideas.
- Remember, we are part of the environmental core… present your environmental strategies are a key component in the design.
- Again the reminder: it is as much about the process as it is the product


so good luck guys! remember coffee despite all its shortcomings IS YOUR BESTEST FRIEND now!

chillax, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

of being stuck

Golden Mile Complex ; Roof, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Writers have writer's block....architects have errr builder's block.
hur hur not funny

I'm staring into the imaginary sky above the particle boards of the studio, hoping for the divine light from above to just tell me what to do. But all i see is the aircon unit and the vent, the MnE services, and all the shit...hey wait! MnE......hmmmmm.....hey....hmmmm...okay....okay

nothing! zero! totally uninspired now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

of the one with the fondue party in 06

darryl reminded me of this video. the one with the fondue during the 2006 world cup...the one where everyone was in studio for i forgot what already

oh man cringeeeeeeed through the first part listening to myself but but but but it was worth it to see JY's AWESURME hair! power to the mop bro!

and mollay here's the fondue! lets do one more again. you can be the sou chef/fruit cutter/chocolate stirrer.

Of the Pipettes


The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

Nonsense lyrics + good band + clapping song + lab apparatus name = DAMN GOOD!
I'm so in love with the glasses girl now and Andrea thinks the guy looks like jesus.

They are what the spice girls and sugarbabes failed to be.

thanks dubdew for the video

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Of Late Sunday Afternoon Classics : Caphe Phin

Caphe Phin
Caphe Phin 2nd brew, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Late Sunday Afternoon Classics
Caphe Phin

ground coffee beans strained through a vietnamese coffee filter.

Opened my last pack of coffee i got from Vietnam last year.
Boy did i love the coffee there.

Condensed milk for that extra sweet compliment to the bitter acidic coffee,
chillaxing at a street stall as you watch traffic go by,
people on bikes whizzing past you
sitting on plastic stools staring into space
not giving a flying fuck about the shit that's going elsewhere in the world

ahhh i miss those days.

Vietnam anyone???

Need to work now, back to the drawing board, no sleep tonight!
might have to brew another one later.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Of Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue, originally uploaded by jonolist.

the brother wanted a tea break.... we had fruits and chocolates lying around and no one wanted to go out today.

I should really get back to work now.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Of My Everyday Melaka Shots

My Everyday Melaka Shot, originally uploaded by jonolist.

i promise myself that this would be the last of the series of Melaka photos i'll post. god i love the place so much, i could take photos like this everyday and not get bored.

It was a hot day but the sky was wonderful, the people went about doing their daily whatevers and the shophouses just stood there as they have always been. ahhhh

Of Profiterole!

Profiterole!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Dubbie had leftover profiteroles from a dinnerish thing she had so i went over and gobbled the rest up.

yummy in my tummy. Oh and i now have old issues of "Black and White Photography" which is damn nice lah, finally something with in depth darkroom techniques and uncoventional stop bath and developer ratios that are so tempting to play around with, BUT I HAS NO DARKROOM!!! sighhhhhhh

Thanks for the food and cameraporn dubbie!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Of the opposite of energetic

Gates of the Guardians, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I lost my qi already.

damn damn damn tired now. worst thing is that i just bathed and guess i can't sleep. wins.

The events of a few weeks back have somehow changed me in some way that i'm not really used to nor can a put a finger on what the heck the problem really is. Enthusiasm for work now is at an all time low and i can't seem to stay awake for long these days. Not helping is the workload that all of the sudden increases during the mid sem. So this is what riba semester does to people. It sucks the hyperactive Bulbasaur out of you and gives you the low energy Snorlax. yes dudes and dudettes we all have a inner pokemon in us, some are uber cute some are just F87king useless (like snorlax, unless your the strategist player, but i'm the guy that hyperbeams my way through challenges anyway)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Of People of Melaka

Someday between chillax-ing over beer, thinking over the drone of the television and staring at my photos i came to realise something about Melaka. That if you look beyond the architecture, the history, the food and the touristy crap they have there, Melaka boils down to just one thing. It really really really is all about the people, and how they live in this place they call home.

Weeee!! SiblingsMelaka Night Market 2

And somehow you can apply this operation to almost anywhere. So whatever architects, historians, cooks and trashy tour guides do, beyond the cheesy glass acrobatics, cute fusion displays and huge ferris rides, they really are about one thing and one thing only, the people. And then no matter what I end up doing in life i'll try to remind myself of this and perhaps coming back to this place i wish i was born in will help me keep this conviction. (and chillax along the way in lifes many trials and tribulations)

ah heck before it sounds like some political life changing speech, lets just get on with the pictures.

BlessingsPride and JoyWatching OverRoti Canai manOu Jian Aunty

Shophouse kidMr Fix-itTypesetterJalan Laksamana Grocery StoreMelaka Shophouses - Bibik House Nyonya Kueh Store
Everytime i come back i see new people, if i'm fortunate enough, make a few new friends along the way too. Then you start talking to alot more people and then some. Chatting with people who love the same place just like me just makes me wish conversation like these don't stop,that it'll continue longer like how there's always some hesitation leaving the Melaka sentral busstop for home.

and here's my defo favorite shot of the trip...street shot wise

Keymaker, originally uploaded by jonolist.

okay so he was wearing a penang shirt, but he was really from melaka, i took it somewhere near the kampung bridge where they sell lots of tin kitchenware. and hey penang is a ncie place too. anyway some photos like the carrot cake shot and the the chendol seller were from previous trips there but i needed to fill up the gaps in this post.

People have their Siem Reaps, Luang prahbangs, Chang Mais, Kuchings and Hues and even though Melaka isn't really in their league it still has the number one spot in my
"list of places i'll never really get sick of visiting over and over and over again and then some"

I think this isn't my first post about this but heck it. I probably should start a whole blog on this or write a book like how Lim Huck Chin and Fernando Jorge did with Voices from the Street . Of which i was totally inspired by to take these few photos and am proud to be a owner of an autograph copy of this tome of treasures. And then there's Huilian's brilliant idea of proconservation which i'm totally grateful for a channel to share all things worth keeping. I really love starting new ideas and projects but i'm never one to see it through so I think i'll settle for these few instead, that is that blog and this one which are brilliant enough as they are already.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Of ello!

Jalan Laksamana Grocery Store, originally uploaded by jonolist.

ello! yes you!

vhat you vant?

If you want to read something nice i show you vebsitee

it is very guud! i gulantee you very nice
"hech tee tee pee dort proconservation dort blork spuort dort corm!"

so on your keyboard, yes that thing inflont of you, under vour face yes

the one with many alot of little button?
you type this okay?.......

see nice?? i neber bluff chu leight?
pris kum again

related link here