Sunday, October 29, 2006

ALmost Perfect Supper

Almost Perfect Supper, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Made the smartest choice by finishing up some sketches in double speed and not staying over in that hot air-con deprived sauna we call the "open" studio. Went home to realize that the cold wet weather was so shiok and then find a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate lying in the fridge, shouting: "Melt Me! Melt Me". 5 mins later along with some soon to be expired fresh milk and cocoa powder you get the best company food can offer on a cold night. Almost Perfect Supper .

Friday, October 27, 2006

Almost Perfect Breakfast

Almost Perfect Breakfast, originally uploaded by jonolist.

After being in school for most part of this month (including all the sleepless nights), the best thing to do on a day's break is to prepare a much overdue-ed breakfast of BLT and eggs and lighten the day with a nice cold glass of orange juice.

Perfect......well almost.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Xinjia!

Happy Birthday Xinjia!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

A present for Xinjia. One out of the 4 panels because i have no balls (wait! no balls sounds wrong but you know what i mean ah) to upload the other 3 for Xinjia (no worries you'll get a soft copy).

Konsep Xinjia: Ideas and Approaches to the hot boys of Xinjia. All of Xinjia's Favourites in 4 panels of A3 glory. glad that you enjoyed it....Ggggan dong-ed or not?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mini Scale Rule

DSC04197, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday Huilian!

the cardboard chair needs a little reinforcement before you sit on it esp in the front two legs. The satay sticks won't hold too long cuz we ran out of glue...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

no shite?

finally i found a Muppets test! woohoo! but i wish i was Kermit more than anyone else...or that lobster thingy...i forgot. anyhoo do your own Muppets Personality Test here.

You Are Fozzie Bear

"Wocka! Wocka!"
You're the life of the party, and you love making people crack up.
If only your routine didn't always bomb!
You may find more groans than laughs, but always keep the jokes coming.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Friends 2.14 the one that everyone remembers

the one with the prom video....everyone remembers this episode...and yes thanks to Huilian's DVDs i'm hooked on Friends.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On bumbling into the unknown..And loving it.

He got me there when he talked about being true to oneself

It kept me thinking....

really hard...

about everything that was going on...

well almost everything.....


Frank Gehry's lecture gave me real insight to someone I used to enjoy dissing off because it was seen as fine to do so. On the contrary, the man is such a charming character with so much passion in his work, I felt ashamed. The irrational chaotic poetry (or something along those lines) as how William Lim puts it is so individual so unique to the person. You may not like the things he does but hey! The way he does it puts every single piece of highly rationalized object so prevalent around the pretensious world we now live in to shame.

Somehow I have no idea what I am talking about now but I don't see the reason why I should stop...Probably because among all things said he finally answered something boggling me (even though he didn't imply it, it came out naturally). That being human and with the raw extensions of our body namely the hand and its unfathomable skill in molding and crafting is more than just an extension of one's cognitive manifestation produced by the mind but a combination of other forces which the unfamiliar construct of our mind is unable to grasp. The hand controls you beyond the mind. To cut the long story short, there's magic going on that I really want to have but at this immature stage I can only pursue and even if I should in all luck and hard work be able to grasp just a handful of it I shall be eternally grateful to the divine higher powers that be.

Of the fruit

But i should be thankful that the thing I pursue, the divine that I want is unreachable but not unthinkable, for that i enjoy the process of the journey, of the people I meet and the knowldge I gain.

Enjoy the ride and the almost full Frank Gehry episode of simpsons but now in espanol but still very funny.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


that URA model, originally uploaded by jonolist.

ah...and it still amazes me how they got everything down...though my plans of fort canning don't seem to fit (nor does google earth's) but still....

oh and sorry for the lack of post...I'm stuck at some site analysis thingy which i must try to figure out before i die from sleep depravation. The flu and @$!$!$ing haze ain't helping either...PSI levels btw are friggin lies meant to control teh stock market don't believe them.

of late, there's alot of sadness and angst going on around me.... Not at me but the people around me and its kinda contagious, life shouldn't be like this all the time. I'll try to cheer you up as much as I can but its becoming hard to keep up a front and remain cheerful (esp with the flu). The Jon's human side is showing here... And before this becomes some Emo post i'll just sit down and stare at the world as it breezes by just while i wait for the time when someone hits the pause button and multiple exposures of life just layer over one another.

I wish the colour of my heart would be like a roll of Ilford 25...slow and patient capturing all the details in like the way Ansel Adams took his amazing landscapes.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

all your nukes are belong to the USA

so whats the fuss with North Korea doing Nuke testing?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hazy Days Ahead

Hazy Days Ahead, originally uploaded by jonolist.

The haze is back! wah and I heard it hit 80 today...only 80?

Tie Thursday

tie thursday, originally uploaded by tRoMeRtIsEd.

tie thursdau .2, originally uploaded by tRoMeRtIsEd.

ah a little late but yeah Tie Thursday! YAY!

p.s my Gam Xias to Xin Jia for the pic.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

9 Reasons to Become an Evil Villain

I love this list!

what really cracks me up is the one which said:
"Studies show that breasts of women who hang out with evil guys are an average of two cups bigger than the nice dudes chicks"

so go read 9 Reasons to Become an Evil Villain

of the other stuff I really like to read and wouldn't mind sharing would be


This one taught me the difference between a best before date and use by date..oh oh and also the sale by all about it here.

The Most Requested Funeral Song
WTF? James Blunt's Goodbye My Lover? I'll wake up from my grave lah...who ever organises my funeral had better play Oasis...personal request would be to have Liam and Noel sing Live Forever under my Serangoon North HDB flat.

How to Wake-up Without An Alarm Clock
very useful shite ......doesn't seem to work for me though.

Rewind your DVDs

I always always always forget to rewind. my gosh! This would be so useful! I want!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


tex.ture, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

of labour

From a recent email I got...if your in Archi or any other job that requires more than normal working hours you can start to laugh now...

Tired Of Working ?

The Year Is Made Up Of 365 Days,

Each Having 24 Hours, 12 Of Which Are Night Time,

Which Adds Up To A Total Of 182 Days.

This Leaves You With 183 Days To Work.

Minus Away 52 Sundays, This Leaves You 131 Days To Work.

Minus Another 52 Saturdays, This Leaves You 79 Days Left To Work.

Considering 3 Hours Each Day Are Set Aside For Eating,

1 Hour For Bathing And Going To The Washroom,

Total Adds Up To 60 Days, Which Leaves You Only 19 Days Left For Work !

You Are Entitled To 14 Days For Your Vacation Each Year,

Which Means Only 5 Days Are Left For Work.

Minus 4 Days Which You Usually Take Off Due To Illness Or Laziness,

Which Leave You Only ONE Day Left For Work !!!!

Which Happens To Be LABOUR DAY !!!!!!!!!!

Which Is A HOLIDAY !!!!

So Why Are You Tired Of Working ???

So if your in architecture school here's how its proven wrong.

We work around the clock which means we can't tell the difference between night and day especially when it comes to working in studios, thus line 3 to 5 is wrong.

Saturdays and Sundays are spent in studio when datelines are near (or far) which makes line 5 and 6 more useless than a broken Olfa blade.

We eat and do work at the same time... our heads are thinking about work as we eat, heck sometimes I even draw inspiration from the random placement of my food, the stacked up roti prata that I will one day be building. That makes line 7 as false as the paintwork on the shophouses in China Square.

If you spend enough time in studio you know that the toilets suck and we don't have time to bathe. Line 8 is weaker than a 10mm wooden strut supporting a 5 inch concrete floor slab.

Vacations are meant to catch up on neglected building science notes and sickness is just a hurdle cured by panadol and ____ (insert favorite booster drink). That makes line 10 to 12 more useless than a HDB bomb shelter.

taddaa! load of crap hur what free day? what me tired? like friggin duh? and yet i still love Archi! woohoo

No Parking, originally uploaded by jonolist.