Sunday, August 31, 2008

Of The Nike+ 10k Run

Nike+ 10k Run, Melbourne, originally uploaded by jonolist.

and we made it!

not so good weather, crappy post run concert bandbut hey it was a good run with Jocelyn and Soph! great vibes and a sea of red with everyone decked out in the same gear, running for charity.

Since it IS Melbourne and nearing the end of winter you get the awesome feeling of a 10k run and not sweat like a steam chicken.

Anyway it started to pour after that, making it rather cold and thats why you see everyone covering themselves with aluminium foil like thigies...reminds me of roast chicken or it could just be the post run munchies

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Of hello! & Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station, originally uploaded by jonolist.

okay thomas and Shuxian i hope your reading this. When you arrive at the unearthly hour of 4.45am in the morning. Grab a Skybus from Tullamarine to Southern Cross Station. Get one for return too, it'll cost you 26 bucks in total, which may sound ex but seriously its the cheapest way to get to the city.

Youi'll arrive at the bus terminal of Southern Cross where you can orgas at the structure Nicholas Grimshaw did. The columns were suppose to collect for teh draught stricken city but hey, guess what they blew their budget. but still this very expensive roof looks really good. Anyway hang around there for abit and avoid the junkies (who are evrywhere at 5-6am)

Then i'll meet you there when i go for a morning run and we can either take a 30min walk to my place or grab a tram (if they operate by then).

for the rest of you coming next month make sure you share the cab from airport to wherever you are heading. its gonna cost 50 bucks i think, or do the skybus thing which i should say is not really as fantastic as it sounds, its just a normal red bus.

Look forward to seeing you all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of emoing

Shoal Fly By, originally uploaded by jonolist.

"Shoal Fly By" by Michael Bellemo and Cat Macleod

at Docklands right infront of Telstra dome. I was emoing by the quay while doing some urban study, is nice to have these sculptures when your alone heh.

even the emoing here is better than the emoing in in singapore

Of Oh! CheekeNarget! i forgot its your birthday

Thomas/Thosai, originally uploaded by jonolist.

$^@#^^! sorry! dude i owe you alot of beer and alot of nasi lemak. Drinks in any pub in Melbourne are on me when you come. and i know how it is at 24 no one gives a shit about birthdays but eh...we're hitting the quarter century mark, some cultures do human sacrifices for that kinda landmark age, so have a good time yar and please go visit law school for i hear the swedish babes on exchange there do quite a good birthday party celebration.

your brother from a different mother

Of not so Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow, originally uploaded by jonolist.

i can't sleep, and if i can't sleep by three i get emo...but no worries it happens alot back home too, Its not that i'm homesick or depressed or the other stereotypical excuses for insonmia tv tries to portray.

Its just there's no boring tv to watch (australian tv ta night is mother raunchy), no hot chocolate to make (because i forgot to buy milk), no balcony with the bonsai and mum's flowers to emo in (ours too small and too cold)

but maybe its just the large coffee i had this afternoon.....

i dunnoe but i think i'm going to count sheep now

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Of Falls Creek

During the weekend the bunch of us went to ski in Falls Creek, one of the few alpines in Victoria.

here's Jocelyn the other NUS exchange student.
This photo is what both of us call the "NUS exchange program/ make everyone jealous shot"

Falls Creek

We had a killer time skiing, even if we never tried it before

Falls Creek, originally uploaded by jonolist.

We went for lessons in the afternoon, fell alot but it was damn fun

We thought we give the harder non beginner slopes a try despite the instructors advice. Sam got stuck halfway on the way down, at least she made it 45 mins longer than the normal 10 min ski.

I fell numerous times, skied sideways and just tumbled alot. Then the slopes got steeper and i realised i I took a wrong halfway down. I was on the expert slope...shit. I flew at one part, it was awsum, it felt amazingly fast and i went outta control.

blogging this back home in the apartment makes me wanna go fly off tumble down and not feel my right arm again, because the whole thing is playing in repeat now.

god i love the alpines

Monday, August 11, 2008

Of Showers in the Late Afternoon

Showers in the Late Afternoon

Showers in the Late Afternoon, originally uploaded by jonolist.

It was raining and sunny at the same time today and Mel needed help shooting something for his advertising module.

We waited for the rain to stop and we shot outside our apartment with Sophia as our model.

A pleasant surprise to see a rainbow, one of the hugests one i've seen so far. It was so amazing, everyone on the street stopped to take photos.

It was a good trigger happy day after all the glum moody weather Melbourne had for the past few days. this one was when model Soph wanted to eat the rainbow...but looks more like what drunken unicorns do, i.e. vomitting rainbows

rainbow vomitting

this was emo shot i took by accident..notice glum soph with rainbow in background and little keychain heart peeking out from corner pocket. Mel thinks this super emo shot is damn nice, model is so so about it, but i think its awsum shot for some new emo hair product.

Showers in the Late Afternoon

anyway before i end i must add disclaimer from a very cool teeshirt we once saw

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Of Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops, originally uploaded by jonolist.

5 bucks for a kg of lamb chops from Vic Mart. Marinated with salt, pepper and rosemary.

We were thinking of keeping half for tmr but boy was it good. So Mel and I finished it on our damn full now.

Anyway after cooking up six chops the apartment smells of lamb....which is a bad thing when you need to open the windows and air the room cuz

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Of Covers

because they are damn funny and fun to listen to.

The Fray singing angmoh's fav song "Hips Don't Lie"

We actually heard this one in the aussie olympic tv show

anyway these are not covers but its the songs stuck in our heads all day. AWSUM stuff from Oz

The Presets

these dudes are awesum and they just launched something out last month....

and this other song is in my head because we heard it at this burger joint

these are the songs they should play at a burger joint! not your local radio, not your elevator lounge, not your "world panpipes natural sounds of mother earth best of 2008", not rihanna.

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!! *although i am typing this while watching Australia trash everyone in the swim heats. but hey Tao Li was quite good ah

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh work in progress

so you may have spied on facebook and say "oh got do work one or not,,tah pai facebook only play, club, drink" and then refer to silly shots of wasted mug face (that was not me! that was errrrr another self) but hey wasted also can do work one okay? and yeah melbourne night life is very important for errr urban study........who am i kidding ..anywayyyyy

check out this study model!

Prototype model

no glue okay.

Anyway i was trying out some ideas i was thinking of doing since like year 1, finally unleash the mindf**k that is NUSarchi. Its like a mini fruitstand in the city for a mini exercise the tutor does every studio to assess students, yes my tutor looks at works rather than cap score or grades, he is kewl.

being azn (as hey i can't beleive i said that but yeah singapore pride yo!) Going to studio and telling your friends that you got your materials (bamboo skewers) from the asian grocer is like the AA students who try to be special by using the pasta bits to create new cliche but it works and is way cheaper than buying materials from the art store

then you talk slowly explaing concept and proces because they don't get your accent (take noe all you exchange students...WE HAVE AN ACCENT! accept that and learn to slow down)

Study Model

check it out still no glue....10 points of contact. 24 tension compression points...

eat your heart out BuckFuller.

*pats self on back.

and here is the standard a3 you have to do

Mini structures exercise: Presenation Board

there! see what lots of victoria bitter can help you acheive?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Of The Latrobe Reading Room

In the Latrobe Reading Room, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Was free today so i decided to finish up my first design assignment at the Victoria State Library. Its a majestic stately public building with a huge reading space under the central dome. The light, space and huge volume surround you as you sit on your old handcrafted deskstudy and timber chair, this is how one should style.

foresee many hours spent reading here...Next time i'll sneak a camera.

view more here


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Of that cool building

MELBin50mm: Breath, originally uploaded by jonolist.

and how cool is that when you see it open up at night!