Saturday, March 31, 2007

add oil!!!

everyone JIA YOU!!

be it your submissions, FYPs, exams all other shite! gogogogo!

really need a good 12 hour nap now but i'm worried that if i sleep now, i'll probably wake up next saturday and then just screw up all the hard work i did this sem.

add oil add oil!

does anyone wanna go botak jones after all this ends?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

helpo helpo

An old army slacker buddy of mine who used to waste the time away with me back when were in tekong has threaten to reveal all stupid acts in army if i didn't post this entry up. Eh I'm not the one who switch the ET blade with the wooden board, though I thought it was quite smart until that $%$ platoon sargent found out. haha. Anyhoo please hear 3rd Sgt NS Poh Yan Zhao's plea because he needs money to go for the apple conference and buy me a iphone (i don't care if its not out yet).

Exercise your spirit of goodwill

To all rich people out there, listen to this:

help Yan Zhao get moolah so that he buy those overly priced airline tickets by united airways to San Francisco to attend the apple conference. Sure he's got a subsidy but as subsidies go, they are never enough. I know how jealous everyone feels now about being picked to attend geekdom in SF but hey give this guy a chance too. So he needs to ebay some stuff away to buy his path to that country that thinks everyone should eat macdonalds. Help him offload his carnal desires of which he has reduced its buying price in a desperate attempt to buy get into americano (wah piang yan zhao for all that shite i just wrote for you you better get mne an iphone)

1. A brand-new Canon PIXMA iP6320D he won in a lucky draw and didn’t have the heart to use it, as he can print in school. You can check out the wonderful specs of this printer here.


going for 220 bucks

2. A brand-new Sony-Ericsson Bluetooth headset HBH-PV705 that he dug out from his possessions. And yes, didn’t have the heart to use such an exquisite accessory.

Going for 70 bucks


Both items are unopened and of pristine condition.

Prices are of least concern.

What is most important, do your part and help this boy achieve his dream. call or sms YAN ZHAO at 91882171.

okay so that essay didn't touch the cockles of your heart but hey if you do need two free hands while talking on your handphone this IS useful. I know it looks dumb to talk in the air but at least look less dumb with the cool headset can? i would buy it if I didn't own a wireless bluetooth headset (its friggin amazing)

on a side note. check out this damn old school video. Arwen looks so lovely in modern clothes...I LOVE LIV TYLER!


Friday, March 23, 2007

WAH LAU! i wanna join!

sign me up! this is the only choir i wanna join!

love the teeth part and the brakes are friggin real xia. EEEEEeeeeEE

thanks Huilian for the link, i think you can audition too with the dunnoe what thing you, Xinjia and Benita like to do in studio last sem. the xsbkseie clikc swgiwg thing

to keep the look

to keep the look, originally uploaded by jonolist.

My brudder Thomaso has l'oreal's architect wax. I use something along the same line. the Out Of Bed fibre putty (think silicon sealant) for that "lasting messed up effect"

Petty useful when you get to school in the morning and when everyone sees you they ask "just woke up?" and you can sheepishly reply "ermmmm i think so" (remember the more ambiguous the reply the better the effect)

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I got my name in lights with

i need to do this once in a while

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wrong stuff

and you thought offering pasta for kind souls who could teach me autocad was safe.

kopitiam conspiracies: can i eat ur paste
kopitiam conspiracies: without teachin u?
jon: ottocat: "kopitiam conspiracies says: can i eat ur paste" that was the most sick gay shite i heard online evar
kopitiam conspiracies: hahahahahaha
kopitiam conspiracies: pasta lah!
kopitiam conspiracies: wah lan
kopitiam conspiracies: that sounded so wrong man
kopitiam conspiracies: fine
kopitiam conspiracies: i want to eat ur paste
kopitiam conspiracies: hows that
jon: ottocat: what was that term they used in army for paste eating boys?
jon: ottocat: 302?
kopitiam conspiracies: yah
kopitiam conspiracies: 3O2
kopitiam conspiracies: kk night
kopitiam conspiracies: tok to u again
kopitiam conspiracies: i want the ground to swallow me
kopitiam conspiracies: hahaha
kopitiam conspiracies: that convo was damn gay

Kopitiam conspiracies is Jinxian, an ex recruit of mine...wah piang brings the term "sucking up to superiors" to a whole new level....okay i shall stop before it gets anymore wrong. Jinxian is a decent liverpool fan supporting straight GUY. you can see how wrong he feels here

anyhoo i'm still looking for autocad lessons and pasta is still on offer, no paste though, never!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


to all the emenies/ shittie people of jon's life. i ees 2lan

I know you have work to do too, but i have my own shite to settle too. Details, renders, plans, tech panels, assignments. No point telling me you need to work on concepts.

I know you need your rest. Yes i know what it feels like sleeping at 3am everynight. At least i wake up before 8 everyday. The first thing i do is check my emails and pack for school. That's before i even say good morning to the rest of my family. Oh yeah sometimes i don't eat breakfast because i know how shitty it is to be late. by all means come an hour late.

sometimes i don't read my emails after i wake up and i apologize for the late replies but that's because i read them before i sleep at 7am.

I know you have your own problems you don't wish to tell, i have mine too, i don't live in a perfect world either.

Its okay to say you need time for yourself, i need mine too, i just don't mind sacrificing mine because your time is way more important.

you fall sick, i fall sick. The difference here is i have the wonder drugs at home that allow me to work like a normal person without coughing blood. I'm usually up and about all hunky dory in half the time.

at this moment now, while writing this blog entry I'm sitting by the the CnC machine while its carves away noxious blue foam for some seemingly important project, this notebook is running a render also for the same project. The computer at home and the desktop in studio is doing the same thing too. I'm really quite free now.

I know its must be quite shitty to travel an hour to and form school. That's why i wake up before 8. Even if it means losing sleep and crowding with the shite of crowd.

I have a wall and everyday i scream at it, "!%@%@%4 F#@%@ing GRQQWETREW%@#" because at least shouting at it produces a response far better than expected if shouted at you.

I'm not good with computers. Seriously i just wanted something to get the job done fast. Whatever i learn i can teach you, just don't say its unfair how come i can shite out drawings faster. tip: read the damn instruction manual!

Take me for granted. there's no need to recognize me for anything other than being a minion for you.

Why am i putting in more work for others than for myself, that question i can never answer. Why you think you can do nothing and be ignorant of it all as we slog it away into the night for you is an even greater mystery.

I really don't care if I'm left unappreciated or totally ignored for my efforts. You can take all the credit for all i care. Just remember that when shit happens gimme a call, you can dump it all on me too.

by all means point all the mistakes i make, i learn from them. Totally ignore the good stuff i do, i know its pretty insignificant compared to the god-like work you churn out from no where.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

shitty good links to pass the time away


toothpaste for dinner

toothpaste for dinner

oh and check out this website dead serious shite everyone should pay attention to.
American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention

sleep time!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

me: now

Sleep is a luxury I can't afford.
Save Paper use coins
Indo Mie (not Mee) rocks
Still haven't found glory (ie I haven't caught 300 yet) emphasis yet
sudden need to say *#&#^@* (insert crude body part in dialect of choice) towards %@% (insert another choice of word for stupidity) people who think we are slow. We are $!$!@$(insert favourite sprinter/F1 driver) fast okay!.
misses old friends
misses tekong, but doesn't mean he misses army
hasn't ran for awhile

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

almost done

almost done, originally uploaded by jonolist.

frustrating as design goes, this just makes me work more.

its not final yet. As you can see, the shelters have popped up out of the form and the middle block has doubled in size. The front glass troubles me abit so any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Uploaded by jonolist on 7 Mar '0

In other news

I HEART baking!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

leftover fishfingers
5 min cheese sauce

don't ask me how i found time.....i was dead hungry and mother stressed


A blogger commented on the Sendang Sono post I did some time ago. I guess then I shouldn't leave out Father Mangunwijaya's other works like Kampung Kali Chode.

Lizard SC i hope you enjoy these too.

My brief studies of the kampung.

Kampung Kali Chode study

Kampung Kali Chode study

Kampung Kali Chode study

and here's the set of photo's I took in Jogja.


lines, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

one... two ...thr


okay I'll be lying if I said I was okay.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Simply Amazing!!!!

funny and wow wOW WOW!!!

more wow stuff

and just one more!

things that keep jon alive

1. GOD aka the one that really keeps you alive: for obvious reasons. oh and thank you for saving us from global warming, the weather has been quite nice these days. love the rain. please bring more.

2. Friends: without this teevee series I dunnoe what to do...kidding. Really real non teevee friends can cheer you up from the most f-ed up of dulan Urban design tutorial presentations (of which i shall not further elborate on the nonsense some people can present for one whole gxfc-ing hour....i shall stop here)

3. Food: of the comfort variety. Botak Jones serves fantastic Rosemary Lamb Chops at half the price you pay for a something in Hog's Breath. oh and half boil eggs does wonders too.

4. Gizmos: I'm a closet gizmo freak. But I can't live without my notebook (of which i shall repair the trippy lcd soon enough), headphones, card reader, logitech gaming mouse (for cadding purposes even though its quite shiok to play games with), AKG headphones, portable hard drive (i miss my small 8 gig brain)......the list goes on and I will never complain about bringing all of it to school either.

5. Movies: and also teevee shows. Of late from the internet, Heroes and the second season of Prison Break rocks my socks.

6. India: the need to get there and get away from here.

The list goes on but yeah the top 6 are the ones that really matter at this point of time now, when work seems to boggle me down.

more sleep would be nice too.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Lectern trials

Lectern trials, originally uploaded by jonolist.

more fun than work. something for archi construction done with sketchup (i'm not a pro okay! its just easy to use) and indigo renderer (best free render on earth!)

of late it has been killer busy. apologies for the lack of updates.

on a random note
I need a good movie