Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I think it's the Macdonalds......

Spent the whole of today on the bed, reading and watching anime. That can only mean one no feeling goods.....

I think it's got something to do with the special teriyaki burger and shaker fries i ate yesterday at Macdonalds with JY, wonder how JY is doing. Curse you Macs!!!!

Don't think i can make it for tomorrow's field trip around city hall. Sorry guys. Do enjoy yourselfs without me. I'll join in for the next one.

Shite man and i planned everything liao. Even cleaned up my camera. farg!

Panadol is making me trippy now....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Top Ten Signs that I Spent Too Much Time In the Studio

You get inspired on the bus. The weirdest things get into your head. Then you realise you took the wrong bus (like 76 instead of 74).

Top Ten Signs that I Jonolist have spent too much time in the studio for sem one year one....

10. When i'm at home the studio gets colder

9. Start jio-ing people for supper, people your unfamiliar with, even if it's only to the vending machine

8. The other people start to listen to Oasis. Oasis rulez

7. I know exactly when the air conditioning turns off

6. Macdonald's Big Breakfast becomes Big Dinner/Lunch but never breakfast

5. Default MSN log-in status is "busy" or "appear offline" and your nick usually says "in studio" or something along that line.

4. When at home, family will ask why i'm at home.

3. Go home turn on the TV and wonder why there's no need to go log-in to the NUS network (tv link is here )

2. I know the pricelist of the Pahang indo food stall.

1. The toothbrush at home collects dust, the toothbrush in studio has ink.

Jon & the Breakfast Part 2

I had to take this & post this up. My apologies if you had a lousy breakfast.....

Laptop, Ham & Cheese (good stuff) toast, Orange juice and the Straits Times bo zhua. On
a classic round marble table you can only find in old kopitiams. I can do this everyday.

Need to pop by NUS today, gonna hear this Prof talk about Las Vegas. I hope the casinos here dunch end up looking like those there. Ah! wait i know, they are IRs, intergrated resorts not kar see noes, but hor genting is for roller coaster meh?

Will do a longer post tonight.

Oh to Molly and Nazim have a safe trip to Malaysia and Mauritius. Bring back some photos!

Monday, November 28, 2005

The first official post......this is it....

here it goes.

Damn it's a great day, waking up at 9am rocks. The kind of feeling you get when your greeted in the morning with a cold glass of orange juice, home-made bread and cheese.....that's the life. Just have to wait for the cartoons to start.
view i saw while switching from the main section to Life comics

The kind of day when the barking of the neighbourhood dogs actually sound pleasant, the parts you read in papers are GOOD news instead of war and crime, the comics make you smile (how you laugh reading silent?) and Suzanne Jung looks even better than she already is on the news. Even when the speakers are turned off, i still hear Stereophonics playing Have A Nice Day. Today is good. Thank you God.

Starting this blog, in a way, makes me write down what i want to do, not only during the holidays but more. But let's start things slow. Armed with one month of freedom, some cash (after saving up from studying at home), alot of angst up and inspired ideas, I, Jon will be from today a Jonolist on a cause. What cause? You can't really put words into it but i hope something fruitful comes out.

Here's a list of my Jonolistic ideas. in no running order....

1. Spearhead the city tour thing that i have been discussing with studio people. Why go out on holiday when there's so much to discover here?

2. Make it a point to register for driving lessons. and stop playing Need for Speed Most Wanted demo version

3. Buy Need for Speed Most Wanted and uninstall the demo version.

4. Read more. Comics, Magazines, Blogs, stylo books you get from Basheer Graphics, reread the good parts of Sandman and really get down to reading all the archi books.

5. Run. Not And while doing it enjoy it......stop panting!

6. Catch more Champions League...odd enough the funny Chelsea Song appears in the my playlist.

7. Dust off the camera and nurse her back into working condition. Buy film and infect the world with Jonographic material. Some sneaks at my flickr link. Flickr rocks but it would be better if i had more upload bandwidth for free loading users like me.

8. Talk to people more......yes. you and you. Have been ignoring too many people and too busy with architecture studio work.

9. Eight things is more than to actually complete at least one of them would be deserving of a pat on a back.

Stereophonics is really playing on my speakers now. How smart the random play mode crlevers..... Nice To Be Out by Stereophonics
I need to get out more, i'll have lunch at the kopitiam.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Warming Up

chicken pie! burnt my fingers and tongue, but i tahan! i still blog.....

tomorrow. i promise..i Lin Dongwei Jonathan, 21 years of immatured age, single and loving it.... will do this blorg swee swee. Pictures galore for the people who can't stand or understand what i blorg and more intelligent crap for those who do. Now throughout the course of tomorrow, i will require assistance from many people online mostly through MSN to help me figure all these HTML mumbo jumbo. I admit, i'm a geek but blogging just isn't my thing.

A Shout out to all my peng yu's, brudders, hommies, team fong, rest of Archi Year one, good friends.......Woohoo!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

National Jonographic

panda beijing, originally uploaded by jonolist.

More good stuff later....

Check out my flickr links for more sneaks and YES i did take these myself with my trusty nikon fm10...what's a fm10? only old skool people know.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

coming soon


like all other good stuff such as smelly cheese, ramly burgers and Sandman comics.....these things take time.

Jonographic material in plo-gless