Monday, November 26, 2007

of Assasin's Creed

and here's why i wanna play Assasin's Creed

but you probably guessed that i wasn't posting this just for the game.
so i'm a guy...sue me
OMG everything she said after 7mins was shhhhhhsssshhhh HOT!
And man do they do one heck of a comprehensive study of the crusades.

so guys. now a show of hands who doesn't want to work for a company with a boss like that? comeon!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

of the need to rhyme,when its tea time

Andrea's disease has spread....

I was enjoying Edward Burke's essay on a nice saturday afternoon (okay to be honest i was watching tv having breakfast and reading the essays during commercials)
and i had this need to rhyme

An Afternoon Tea Without My Curry
by a bored student who can't rhyme

Edward Burke was into sublime and beauty

when really he should have done his duty
and not talk about a woman's smoothness which was naughty
or the ugliness of deformed limbs that looked gawky
all for the sake of some philosophical enquiry

You speak of variation and delicacy
and when you try to explain black and white with all the hidden irony
oh my your recapitulation has left my brain all knotty
on why you think all pretty things must be tiny
really does confound me

Its probably because its the 21st century
I guess you never tasted curry
its sharpness and strong taste will make your heart jump in a flurry
Or you might vomit when you see the works of Gehry
, Zaha's Arts Centre in Cincinnati
and kill yourself in the rationality of OMAs Seattle Library

oh look at the time its already 4.30
i should get some tea or hot coffee
and then i should really start to study


okay so my rhym-me-ness ain't slick as Andrea's with all those long and short sentences
but Edward Burke would say that proportion never was the cause of beauty in vegetables.

random photo of the day

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Of the need to post photos

beacuse archifest is coming up and you all need to go sign up for the tours! Here are more photos from my own archi-touring. Everyone should really just go about exploring on your own after the tour, spice your boring urban life alittle. You'll be pleasantly surprised what abit of nosey poking and wayward drifting about in the city can lead you to.

oh how i miss wandering around with my camera.

Bridge, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Gallery Hotel, originally uploaded by jonolist.

URA atrium, originally uploaded by jonolist.

SAM reflection, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Peninsula Plaza, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Esplanade, originally uploaded by jonolist.

City Hall/Supreme Court, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Of being happy

This animated from the Vancouver film school brightened up my day

I like to think myself as the orange guy but more often than i hope i end up being the blue guy. Whatever it is sharing happiness is better than being happy on your own.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of more from Proconservation

Tiong Bahru SIT, originally uploaded by jonolist.

last week was crazy!!! i don't know how it happened but in the middle of submission i had to give this photo presentation in a public lecture at the national museum. The timing was tight, sleep was little but i wouldn't give up a chance to present my photos to the public.

I wish it could be more TED talk-ish but i seriously had no time to prepare more than a mini slide show. Everything eventually went well though, and dinner with Mr Fong and Dr Erwin was icing on the cake.

For more photos please visit the entry on SIT flats in Tiong Bahru at we conserve. you conserve.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Of finally xia

Front Facade Model, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Doing what every architecture student with a flickr account does i.e. post pictures of your work, even though your dead tired after submission at this unearthly hour of 1am.

very very very very very tired but strangely not sleepy. it was hell the last day rushing for the panel print job (facing an hour late submission) while realizing you can't do much but wait. Damnit. But hey thanks JY for waiting with me and lending me your phone.

Thank you everyone who opened the dds door for me while my matric card was bonkers. I owe you guys big time

Lets all do some good food togother yeah? feam tong what say you pipple?

Exterior/Interior Model, originally uploaded by jonolist.

p.s. i'm not happy with design but somehow i like my final model, it feels nicely white and heavy.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

of videos that just waste your time

if, you for the last one hour,like me, have been staring infront of your screen/butterpaper/massing model/A+U/Neufert/Tadao Ando/autocad/sketchup
and realise that you should just screw design (for the next one hour), then allow me to present to some videos, of a totally random collection.

first up we begin with cute little kids with surprisingly good vocabulary.

then some classic Billy Joel tune that has been stuck in my head for the longest time... done acapella with a very funny improv.

oh speaking of acapella. Hey Xinjia this was the one i was telling you about.

then some old school beach boys, their the ones that your mum used to scream for. When the meaning of surf wasn't about the internet.

this next video is potentially dangerous. Watching it more than twice evokes feeling of quitting school. screw archi, cars design is the loocness.

For the last one i present to you the person i admire highly and for a brief period made me entertain thoughts of entering a liberal arts course in Columbia (of which i would kill to go for now) and get a funky hairdo like hers.

seriously everyone go youtube some def jam poetry,(beats chest) wakes you up inside.

oh and this just in, the prawn sent me this video of Liang Jing Ru's MTV.
a must watch for you archi peeps, not because it Fish leung, but because its ANDO!!!

at 1min into the vid i went wtf!?

jon: TDMUFD! says:
why she sing into formwork tie hole?

prawn. my sacred space is my bed loh.. says:

prawn. my sacred space is my bed loh.. says:
taiwanese like to take things out of context

prawn. my sacred space is my bed loh.. says:
like as if she's telling the wall all her secrets lah

jon: TDMUFD! says:
maybe in chinese tie hole means lost love or something

prawn. my sacred space is my bed loh.. says:
kaobeh to the wall

i bet when those taiwanese teenagers see a Ando buidling they'll start going emo and speak sweet little nothings into the tie hole.

Friday, November 09, 2007

of random post/sunshading device

random sunshading device, originally uploaded by jonolist.

When you're pressed for time after spending so much of it writing a paper for your astrobiology module then writing another for your history of western architecture module you begin to ask yourself stupid questions and derive Saturday afternoon kid science show like responses

Looks at clock..

"wow! time flies" (because you wasted so much time writing the two essays)

thinks abit...

"wait time flies? flying implies spatial dimension, in the space time continuum, i can dilate time if i travel fast enough!" (too much silly astrophysics and special relativity)

looks at half done history essay on the use of metaphors in architectural lexicon

"wait dumbass! time flies because your associating conceptual metaphors of space and time you fool"

my history module rocks my socks, i get to write about anything! even cognitive linguistics and the fusiform gyrus! i hope i get away with it.

thank you TED talks for introducing me to the brillance of V.Ramachandran

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Diwali!

Buffalo Street Temple, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I wish i was in Little India right now, the countdown celebrations look so fun on television with all that dancing and singing.

when i was younger i used to think that only Hindus celebrated Deepavali but ever since i hung out at little india too much i wanna wish a happy Diwali to all Hindu's, Sikhs and Jains and all Indians who celebrate the cultural aspects of it.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Of moments

I miss not studio
i miss the idea of going out with a camera and shooting things,
along the way finding stuff
being an urban explorer
taking photos of things i could never really explain why
maybe thats the reason i feel uncomfortable
when people tell me to shoot things
pointing me to certain stuff, telling me what to take
because there lies a reason in shooting them
and the effect of it is lost when i try to take them
i rather shoot on random, below the hip
i rather the unexplained,
the ones that only explain themselves after they were taken
the kind that just tells you why when you look at it
no thinking, no rationlising
just is. Its "iki" that way
more fuzzy. Just the way i like them.
If only i had more tutors who had more "Iki" in them
school would be so much less boring

Spootiswoode Park, originally uploaded by jonolist.

People's Park, originally uploaded by jonolist.

People's Park, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Of the need to say certain things

In point form...

1. You know i'm cool if you have your own views, i respect that, i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinon. I'm cool if you think i'm wrong, in fact thank you for not patronising me. But to think that your ways are the only fucking truth and guiding light that will save humanity from the hell hole it is already at, that all else is useless because everything in your fundamentally narrow minded half brain of yours speaks of pure wisdom and justice. Stop generalising everything and preaching you half baked philosophies. The world is much bigger and in fact far more complex than what you think it is, no thanks to the people like you.

Hey Darryl, you were right after all. He really is a self rightous boy scout and a pretty highly decorated one to boot. i have to quit being nice to them.

now for happy things.
on better stuff worth mentioning.

2. If you turn to page 16 of Straits Times Life section today you'll see my photos of Tiong Bahru and Muse (credited under Architours) and on the front page, a photo of Pearbanks. Not how i pictured my first photography endeavor to be (they aren't the best of the lot anyway) but hey thanks Paul,Nikki, Joshua and gang for doing such a good job on promoting Architours.

Of architour and the news

3. Thank you JY Darryl prawn molly andrea, Jia, shuxian beatrice, phyo trang uyen joe song hyuk, taewon, min sun, songyi (Jin Ja!) Korean Exchange peeps, Xinjia (Jin Ja! again), benita aw/tiffany tan, shuhan,ahana, ivan, chinwei, huilian, anthony, bhots, wangkai,zhiqin,nick,HG, shaun,glenda, xtina+llyod, geraldine (momodine! thanks for the comments! you jia you too!). Thanks for i dunnoe why, just thanks. Oh and thank you erwin, rashid, and sakamoto, technoedge, shah and muji of workshop, macdonalds, nescafe, vietnamese coffee, dell computers and the little cat prawn is planning to kidnap (call him prince federick alonso de souza the second or zaha hadid if its a she)

I just had to say that. I'm really grateful for anything and everything. The self rightous boyscouts are an exception though.

4. Sorry grandma, i'll try to come home often, i miss your cooking. I really do.

5. neh neh poks is the new ku ku jiao and Andrea stop saying KKJ!!!