Friday, March 31, 2006

Storyboard with no story

Storyboard with no story, originally uploaded by jonolist.

here's a montage of whatever things happen today of which i have a fragmented memory off after having some much needed sleep at home. of the things i wanted to say today i shall try to list them out but i'm too tired to put them in any order.

1. Happy Birthday Samantha! who was very trigger happy today.

2. Thomaso's nalgene bottle didn't screw on well (the word screw here sounds wrong) thus an accident. See lower right corner of picture.

3.Faintly remembered Thomaso telling me not to post this pic.

4. Archi Con presentation went smoothly accept that the other group members were too tired liao but we put on a good show. You guys deserve the heart of endurance awards man. btw hope your crit with Erwin goes well.

5. There's alot more work to do. Of which i have no mood for and little strength left in me to carry out.

6. Xinjia wanted to read more of my entries cuz she gets bored in studio. here Xinjia!

7. I want to cook.

8. I took the bus back in the afternoon today. I felt sunlight! wah!

9. I can count the number of times i took the bus back on a friday afternoon. (with one hand) (yeah i count with my hand not my head)

9. Sleeping members of other groups with no relation to me still makes my blood boil which in this cheerful post i shall not bitch about at this moment.

10. I used electric pink for no other queer reasons accept that it stands out better in black (than rose pink and hot pink)

11. I count with two hands of which attached are ten fingers thus post eleven does not makes sense.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

one shall Stand and one shall fall!

i loved the video, i loved the action and i frggin want to be optimus prime!
Damn nice glam rock background music too.

"I thought you were made of sterner stuff?"


The older i get the better i WAS at staying up all night. Damn now all i can think of is sleep.

Apart from that, these videos did help make the night more bearable. Its best when you have good company (of insane wackos like us archi students) to watch with.

Pablo Francisco
Dane Cook
Mitch Hedberg
Russel Peters

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the model screams in silence : argh!!

1:50 model getting eaten by a 1:20 pig and then getting mutilated by a life size penknife. Done by people with out of this world minds. We is crazy we is xiao


Accident, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Geraldine got into an accident last night with her cutting knife. She's okay now with a big bandage over her finger. GET WELL SOON GERI!

and with her permission i shall post some pic here. Self censored cuz the real pics in full colour (gore) makes me quesy.

Submission day

Submission day, originally uploaded by jonolist.

architecture construction model.
YAY! one done many more to come

Monday, March 27, 2006

Me: Mum? do we have any potatoes left in the fridge?

everyone who peels potatoes has got to watch this! wah lau how come no one told me about this?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

bus sightings

bus sightings, originally uploaded by jonolist.

the weird things you can spot outside the double decker bus

Friday, March 24, 2006


room, originally uploaded by jonolist.

just bored and very very busy.
bored and busy? wah lau....

the blog will take a break for the moment, unless i strike singapore sweep or get a girlfriend (both of which won't happen in the near future)

here's something i wrote on the bus today

I'm writing this only because i need to rant. Carry on reading only if you have the stomach to handle my mindless ranting and you really have nothing better to do. I mean it if you have to design or do project werk please do that first. But if your like muah and you feel stressed up over nothing please carry on reading and like me, feel pissed off at the things that happen around you please read on.

I friggin hate singapore media man. Yes yes I do watch TV and read the papers everyday, But the fact that i read it everyday is the very reason why i'm so pissed. Straits Times is more like a tabloid to me now, i read it with the same approach i go reading 8 Days and newpaper. And thats saying a lot about how much this sucks because magazines like 8 Days are living in their own small little mediacock world, seriously no one gives a damn how much weight Olinda Cho weighs and Newpaper only bothers to tell you about the latest news in murder, divorce and kidnapping. Suck it!

Back to the Straits times, its really sad when you see the standard of their reporting. I cringe. Look at the blatant way you HIDE the fact that singapore is losing money in buying over Shin corp. Friggin 2 billion bucks! In two days wah lau! Thats not all, you don't even give enough credit to our singapore paddlers who won gold in Melbourne. And what do you hide it with? You report on elections. You give pages galore on elections and you use a little 10 by 20 cm box for the shin corp lost. Nabeh. You can disagree with me but look, unless you live in potong pasir you don't realy need to read the papers to know who wins. Seriously, I have nothing with the government man, but i'm not happy at the way my country is reported.

Farg newspaper.

I'm saddened and very disappointed at the way some of my lecturers teach. No, not teach, they preach. They preach stupid causes which on the surface sound reasonable but if you take a closer look really it just shows how much money we waste in employing such people. My genes lecturer spends an hour talking about how much genetically modified food benefits society and spends like half a slide and 5 minutes on its “side effects”. Nabeh. And guess what this module is called? Genes and Society. Wah lau she spends at least 10 lectures on genes technology and science-sy stuff and then breezes thru the ethical implications with one lame lecture. (just imagine me watching youtube on my laptop as she displays slides with scans of newsweek, times and straits times, fuck man straits times again) Come on your a lecturer at a SUPPOSED top university and you give ethical discourses that are worse than a lousy JC general paper essay. Farg man. I have a good feeling you gonna throw ethical questions on how much genes study should be done on child selection and you gonna do it MCQ style man. I can so imagine tearing up the paper now.

Farg school.

Oh man i just read yesterday's URBAN from straits time again. I read it for a good laugh. Every week they set aside a section called “hey good-looking”. It started off with people on the streets but has downgraded itself by interviewing people they meet in clubs and really snobbish functions that are supposedly “hip and happening”. Thats not all, they always BRAG about how much they got their clothes for . Instead of saying “the shirt is from Calvin Klein” they say “this $500 dollar shirt is from a Calvin Klein store i got from japan” Whats better and really tickles my bones is when they say they bought stuff from the flea market at exorbitant prices say like 50 bucks. thanks for getting yourself ripped off, come on nothing more than 20 bucks man.

“I chanced upon this shawl at a local flea market and got it for a steal at 50 bucks” hur hur

Oh oh and i really want to say this. Horoscopes, i so friggin hate horoscopes man. They are everywhere! Horoscopes were derived from the fact that the universe was revolving around the earth. Yes us selfless two legged dumbasses thought that the planet we lived on was the centre of everything.

The smack in your face truth is that the big ball of dirt you live on isn't the centre of the universe.

Double smack, we all revolve around the earth and stars are so many gazillion light years away they seriously don't give us humans a damn.

Triple smack they don't bother about your relationships, your work life or your work. We are useless little two legged mammals to them.

Please don't let a 4 by 4cm column determine who or what you are.

My stop is near

I shall rant more next time.

yes it did feel good after i wrote this.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

JYand ME

JYand ME, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I tried again and guess what i look like leslie chung again! shite

JY's one is the one you all should look at! muahahahahah he is so gonna wring my neck tmr

I look like leslie chung?

Teng Sheng looks like i dunoe who
Jy looks like a successful korean
Huling looks like Sammi Cheng! whoa!

do it yourself here


weathermachine, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Found this at the building Science Labs. Wah lau with a degree i can control the weather xia.

He-man like pose
I feel the power!!!!

Studio visits Ronguan Seafood.

rongguanchicken, originally uploaded by jonolist.

The food was good, the prawns were expensive and the eclectic mix of different people from different studios made it fun. Worth a second visit if the prawns didn't cost 3 friggin dollars a piece.

Must tries:

Kangkong with "hae bee" (dried prawn)
Ha Chiong Kai (prawn paste chicken)
and the starting spiced keropok with chili...shiokness.

Friday, March 17, 2006

how come i cannot access my blog hur?


Thursday, March 16, 2006


i'm tired.

1. fish fingers in cold oil
2. the mid portion of a beach hammock
3. bus 95 bus drivers
4. canon printers on el cheapo catridges
5. rusty irons
6. fulham players after a liverpool trashing! (5-1 !!!! woohoo!)

you get my point right? i is tired

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Final Dish

Because words cannot describe how good this is.

6 steps to damn good sausages, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Final Dish, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Prepared at home after a chance visit to some damn good butchery at marine parade today. Espirito Santo at Parkway Parade Shopping centre basement. Go Go!

New hair 12 March

New hair 12 March, originally uploaded by jonolist.

The hair was getting abit too irritating yesterday and when you have to use more than a bucket full of gatsby foam gel to tidy it up (unsuccessfully) you know its more than high time you go for a hair cut. Seems like I won't be looking like the Gallaghers for a while.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon, originally uploaded by jonolist.

here's something to brighten someones day. Hope you feel better, don't forget you owe me tangyuan.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Took the afternoon to scan stuff. The idea of paying labs to scan stuff doesn't appeal to me.

Please see more here

City Hall backlane, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Cone & String, originally uploaded by jonolist.

City Hall Mirror, originally uploaded by jonolist.

digital rebel extreme

digital rebel extreme, originally uploaded by jonolist.

This is a 3LR???
What next man.

Found on gizmodo's photophun competition

Studio Night 7&8 March

Studio Night 7&8 March, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Earphone and bear

Earphone and bear, originally uploaded by jonolist.

ME: "eh try this on"

Everyone (girls): AWWWwwwww..................................
So Cute!

Everyone starts to whip out their digicams (all archi students carry one along). nikons, canons, olympus, casios...everything

The Bear Show

The Bear Show, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Geraldine's bear was laying around and the camera needed some attention on its own. I have this feeling its gonna be the first of many of these photos.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hassleblad 50th Anniversary Edition

in friggin 24k gold. Damn.
another one i can't afford.

Its already the 100th anniversary. What happens in 50 years down the road i can't wait!

Field Trip Fun-ness

Supreme court Negs, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Took a really nice field trip to the interior spaces of Supreme Court and City Hall.

One Word: WOW!

Enough said, better described in pictures but we aren't suppose to circulate any of them around for dunnowadreason. A real waste because if you thought it look good outside, wait till you get inside. Its awe-everything, inspiring, haunting, powerful, elegant....

here's some exteriors instead.

Side Entrance, originally uploaded by jonolist.

And one of Hulian and Me and Chinwei. The quality is low cuz stoopid me set it on movie mood instead of photo. This is a screen shot of teh video. Otherwise it would make a nice picture.

HuiLian Me Chinwei, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bad Handwriting

Just trying out something new.

Read more about Prof Edward Ng and CUHK's project: A Bridge Too Far
Link 1
Link 2

I'm very interested in something like that. NUS Architecture needs to organise one of these things man. We are just to "frog in the well" stuck in studios now.

Kopitiam tile

Kopitiam tile, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Very elegant floor detailing despite the wear and tear. Found this while having a meal at selegie.

Museum Musings

Field trip to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) today. Fun man and damn exciting. Yes, a museum trip can be very exciting. Jy and me were reading up on local artist for the earlier part of the week, and that involve dry spells at the Malaya Singapore section in CL which I won't bore you with. So it was damn exciting when I saw Liu Kang and Georgette Chen paintings, they look so much better than the books, especially Liu kang's Chu Nam and Chen's self potraits. Its like you read so much about their styles and when you see it for real you just go.......dunnoewadtosay but very exciting it is.

And then you see other stuff there in the museum like installation works. This one in the lift was damn scary and amusing man. Surgical equipment hanging on fishing lines in the lift and you can still use it. phoaw. ( i mean both the sugery stuff and the lift)

Morllie knives then me, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Molly looks on with fear/curiousity/ dunnoewad

Bhots and Jon, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Bhotish and Me taking reflections to amuse ourselves in the SE asian gallery.

NOTICE: by right hor your not realy suppose to take photos but ermmmmmm okay your not advise to do it lah thats it.

Please visit SAM and if you want to go el cheapo visit it on Friday evenings from 6 to 9pm when entry is free (it still makes a great date!)

other worldy matters:

1. Watched underworld today. Part two is better. And Celine played by Kate Beckinsale, ouch man she is so hot! hoot hoot!

2. Found new readers of the blog! hi Caprina! and to all other readers please feel free to leave comments or tag board me. I is happy when i see it.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ka ching!

hasselbladdigicam, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Its the 100th anniversary of Hasselblad and they are making people like me drool with their limited edition launch of the 503 CWD. A US$14 000 16 megapixel medium format digital camera? *note i mention price before specs for obvious reasons of shock and i didn't use digi i said digital.

At $14 000 not everyone can afford it. 14 kays in US can pay for my archi school fees man (but that's before the fee hike, see what a difference a fee hike makes?)

Damn this is one sexy camera. It has Carl Zeiss lens and proper ones not like those lousy el cheapo *ahem* ones found Sony . One lens from them can feed me for two years with cash to spare.

But only 16 megapixels? wah liew. not enough! at least double it. and will it give that classic shutter sound? no sound no good! And explain to me why they still have that winder by the side when your using sensor instead of sexy film? yes i said sexy. sounds abit dubious but i Checked the official website liao. Its true leh.

Shite i'm fantisizing now.

more at engadget

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Sinupret, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Mum finally bought another box of miracle pills which i used up last month.

I'm nothing without this, i leak mucus like a tight grip on a jumbo tube of UHU glue, only UHU glue ain't that disgusting (but less stringy)

My saviour!

I is getting better. Unlike Superman this green thing makes me stronger! They say two pills three times daily for adults or those who know abit of pharmacy: 2 pills TDS(or whatever, yes i did some dispensing part time in NUH once).

remember kids no over dosing!