Tuesday, July 31, 2007


MY LAPTOP IS BACK!!!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

yayyy!!! After three home visits from the Dell techies (they are by far the best tech support and service i've known but i know some of you will disagree) my laptop is up and running again! yayyyness. According to the tech guy the graphics card was burnt but in the end they replaced the LCD, motherboard, ram, power adapter and the supposedly fried graphic card. Not bad for a two year 500 dollar warranty extension. You may think that is abit pricey but hey...its almost a new laptop and I don’t get that noisy whirring sound anymore (they changed the fan too!)

The new spanky clean 17inch lcd screen doesn't need that piece of paper stuck on the side for it to display properly any longer. And the sound is back again! And after all those tech visits i learnt how to diy my own lcd, ram, graphics card, optical disc drive and even processor (pretty simple, justs alot of screws thats all). Btw I’m looking for a pair of 2nd hand 1024mbg DDR@ 533mhz SODIMM RAM and dell compatible DVD-RW.

My reborn laptop will be christened “NEIL” my favorite author (yeah male name, think of it as a sex change….i mean the laptop not me). Who needs a Macbook Pro or Area-51 when I have NEIL? He doesn’t have dual core, probably can’t run Vista but its got a big screen, speakers that are honey to my ears and a Geforce Go 6800 256 dedicated ram (none of those memory sharing shite) which plays a decent Need for Speed.

NEIL sits in the lecture hall and makes other notebooks feel like palmtops, NEIL is a TV screen, NEIL lets you read this blog without scrolling sideways. NEIL has 6 SIX USB ports. NEIL is fat…not like those skinny Fujitsus. NEIL trains your biceps. Although the battery is dying out now, lags badly when you play C&C Tiberium wars and I have to lug that cumbersome adapter everywhere we go , all that along your weight issues. I still love NEIL and I wouldn't have you any other way.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hot Day in Melaka

Hot Day in Melaka, originally uploaded by jonolist.

and that is what you would really look forward to seeing at 30 plus degrees Celsius. A cold drink stall.

Damn i hate Singapore weather its either damn hot or super wet. No i don't hate, i just hate the idea of it, especially when there's no good chendol to cool or penang laksa to tide it over with.

attn archipeeps
random link of the day: please go read the tales of two sg archi students & fulltime gaylords as they terrorize korea while on an exchange program. Co Seng and Shijie in their soon to be very popular blog "The Adventures of The Evil Fish and The Stupid Pork"

This Is How Much Coffee We Had In Penang

Penang sometime back -
one of those mornings when we really needed that jolt after a late night of lousy interstate bus rides.

yeah right...as if we need that much while on holiday.
But that being said come two weeks time school begins and then its one sleepless night after another, this picture might just show up again....thank god i bought home a packet of Vietnamese coffee.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Hardgay is in BBC! say say say say say WOOOOOOOOOO!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My very Own Simpsons Character

My very Own Simpsons Character, originally uploaded by jonolist.

this is damn fun go try making one of your own on www.simpsonsmovie.com or upload your own pic at www.simpsonizeme.com

note. in no way was i paid to promo their movie

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The one with the random updates of a musical nature

didn't want to wet my shoes today so the long run ended early when it rained (damn you unpredictable weather...and global warming...even if it might not even be your fault).

So here i am in front of my com, with multiple tabs in firefox with various recipes and techniques for home-made ice-cream. Yes my friends, i have started to learn how to make the good stuff and i now fantasize about opening my own ice cream parlour and give island creamery a run for their money (but i still love the place).

Yes my own ice cream parlour with hot babes....because they must have a certain amount of hotness for the scoop to melt the frozen cream to form perfect round scoops of chewy ice cream.....i seriously need to stop watching nigella lawson.

But yes gimme time before I invite you guys to sample the good stuff that is rum & raisins for now the good stuff ain't that good yet and "yet" isn't a long time since schools starting...grrrrrrrrr

And what do you do while waiting for your mixtures to freeze and churn? you watch cool vids...geddit COOL vids....hur hur hur

Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger done with hands only! its damn zhai!
aptly titled "Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

Heard it on Thomaso's blog and now I'm totally into Ingrid Michaelson. Check out her myspace or listen to a live version of "The Way I Am"

oh and Colbie Caillat's Bubbly totally made me stopped doing whatever i was doing (finding more recipes). Please go click and listen or go to her myspace.

oh and going way off to where this was heading
After all that travelling i must be quite out of touch with the latest craze that is (or was but i hope still IS) Bazooka Bubblegum!

Seriously i rather kids catch on to this than hear people badly imitating what is an already pathetic song now playing almost every minute on radio..yes my friends I truly believe that Rihanna's Umbrella is on the way Top Ten Things That Made You Wish You Were Deaf. I once had to go thru 4 hours of anguish on a bus back from KL as this teenager was singing to it while her mp3 was on loop mode. wtf with the lyrics man?

"Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)" ??? wtf man? no hope for the human race.

anyhoo to end it off nicely
This was totally hot and super funny. Happyslip with a singing invitation for the NYC 777 meeting for youtube.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Melaka: Front/Back/Inside

In Singapore shophouses are just a name and intricate facade
Melaka reminds me otherwise.
Because everything else is so much more.
Why shophouses aren't just pretty faces.

Bicycle store with people inside hiding from the ultra hot sun that day.

As "lonely planet endorsed" as this place sounds ,it's really chillax with its cheap ice cream and laid back atmosphere and it plays light stuff which i like to have while reading.
Somewhere along Jalan Hang Jebat

Melaka Shophouses - Backalleys, originally uploaded by jonolist.

And this reminds me why walking into backalleys and rear entrances are fun. Because you'll stumble upon the whimsical colours and juxtapositions that we sometimes never notice.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Penang Temple (one of the many)

Penang Temple (one of the many), originally uploaded by jonolist.

its a was good morning, clear bright skies with nice clouds. I wonder why i don't see this in Singapore so often, its not like we're short of beautiful temples or good weather(questionable), maybe its just the mood i was in, the kind of mood that Penang has about it that Singapore just lacks, that slow pace and time in the morning where everyone is up doing their own thing at a leisurely pace with the sounds of cars and bikes driving by and the birds chirping strangely together with it. Maybe that's why i looked up and unzipped my backpack, took out my camera and snapped something i didn't realise i caught, for if it was in Singapore i wouldn't bother and the camera would still be in the bag.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Saigon Street: Tiger Costume?

Saigon Street: Tiger Costume?, originally uploaded by jonolist.

while walking along some street in Saigon a bunch of kids came running out chasing a tiger....a kid in a tiger costume, with its tail dragging the floor.

They didn't notice us until i took the camera out. Then he got camera shy and ran away...not before he action-clawed me.

and if your wondering why this picture isn't from some penang street or Melaka alley its because i need to upload then backup my vietnam pics before reviewing the Malaysia set, I ran out of harddisk space.....damn.

p.s. can anyone confirm me this? is it true or is it just a joke when i hear people telling me that in the recent movie while Lord Voldermort was at knife point with Harry Potter he said those magic words: "Harry! I'm your father!" .......wtf??

man i'm so gonna watch it if it really was.

p.p.s. I WANT THIS SHIRT! or any shirt from this range.

Penang Shophouse

Penang Shophouse, originally uploaded by jonolist.

At home now, but i wish i was back in there, my other home and i would tell everyone "I'm back in Melaka (or Penang)".

Just like my birth home i have a love/hate relationship with them. There are things that you hate and there are things that make you just wanna go back and do it over again.

I don't understand why you must pay 20sen to most toilets in bus terminals when their cleanliness is so #@453ing good they put rubbish dumps to shame. I don't understand why taxis especially in KL have a meter (and a "bermeter" sign on top) and yet still charge fixed rates that are all out to rip you off. "yes i know there's a traffic jam up ahead, its there everyday everyhour and i know every taxi driver will try to charge me the same price (and rip me off along the way)" It doesn't mean that we have a 2.24 exchange rate (sometimes 2.26) that everything you sell to us can be divided by two and be deemed as cheap, so stop selling me overpriced biscuits.

but then you see the sights and colour like these along the way that pull you back in and makes me remember why its worth leaving home for. That and the people you meet, like the Indian caretaker at the guesthouse in Penang who discussed soccer back in the old days while watching AFC: Indonesia vs Saudi Arabia (Indo should have won!) . Decent cab drivers who offer you suggestions on dodgy looking guesthouses with names like "Banana" or weird goldfinding expeditions in Penang's Botanical Gardens (which i'll never figure out). Or the odd expressions they give when they find out that behind this botak sun burnt slightly mat looking boy is actually a Singaporean, my i-never-knew-i-had-an-accent english and half-baked chinese giving my fake "i'm from KL look" away.

Would i go back there again? Like after my many trips there , i'll respond a resounding yes. Even if it means being harassed by dodgy bus ticket sellers in Puduraya or visiting another "the biggest temple/masjid in Malaysia" let down waste of cab fare structure because back there is a home that is always full of pleasant surprises and lovely people........i can go on about this love hate but i so need to stop this entry before it ends up being a "Malaysia Truly Asia" tourism ad

Monday, July 16, 2007

Baba Chendol in Jonker Street

Baba Chendol in Jonker Street, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Once you tasted the heaven that is gula melaka doused generously over Baba Chendol and shaved ice you'll never ever ever evAr like chendol from anywhere. big fullstop!

Its super hot here and i'm on my second bowl (its midday only) and looking forward to many more of this goodness.

After a morning walkabout in old town i'm now taking shelter in some kids internet cafe where local kids from the "Pay Fong" School at Jalan Laksamana are playing what i think is CS with alot of "kiam pahhh", "chee %^" and other hokkien words kids pick up from other kids who i have no idea where they get all this foul stuff from if they hadn't been to the army.

Anyhoo i have one minute left on my one hour slot before more kids come over to LAN, I hope the clouds provide some cover because moving about can be quite tiring on a hot day with a Redang tan....and yes i look very dark and not so singaporean now and thats a good thing i suppose.

Redang Beach

Redang Beach, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Redang beach is heaven. the water is unbelievably @#$%ng crystal clear, the sand so white it blinds you sometimes. Snorkeling is fun even when most of the corals are dead (damn overhyped global warming!) and everyone there has this "couldn't care less about what's happening elsewhere" attitude in them...a perfect place to relax.

I need to come here again maybe try other beaches in SE Asia like Pangkor, Danang, Luang Prabang, Phi Phi.....and bring my own snorkelling set or save up for a diving course...hmmm
but then again there's so many places i wanna go now, so many railways i wanna try.

In Melaka now with HG Jiayu and Jy. I'm shocked (yet again) at how much it can change since the last time i was there (8-9 months ago?) and change refers more to the negative especially the way melaka River is slowly turning to the horrendous beast that is what Clarke Quay has become....its quite sad. But still Melaka is place you should all go not just to eat the food (which is fantastic...gula melaka chandol...yummmm) or visit the sites but to meet people who are content in living their simple way of life, to experience an indescribable charm and remember what it all used to be all about living in a vibrant port city.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The one about the train and the boat

On a 12hour train to Hue

Morning on Vietnam Railways

the beds aren't clean, the toilets are horrendous but the view, ah the views along the coasts of Vietnam, thru the mountains and pass the rice fields those more than compensate the 12 hour and 26 hour rides i had.

oh that and my three companions, without them it wouldn't be the same.

On a boat in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Sunset

The clouds that blocked the sunset made the setting rather dramatic. I could stare at this forever.

How i wish i was there again with a good book, deck chair, cool breeze and glass of ca phe sua da laced with vietnamese rice wine. bliss....

p.s. the jon will be away again, now to Malaysia, i don't exactly know where' i'm heading to exactly after KL (which is just a transit stop) and Redang...could be Melaka, could be Penang but i'll try to keep everyone updated. yayness for holidays.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The one about Bread and Coffee

The best thing to start your day in vietnam is Banh Mi, or the french loaf/baguette. You can get it anywhere. Streetside/cafes/restuarants. Everyone in vietnam eats them. A favourite among locals is a spread of "laughing cow" cheese with freshly diced onions and other vegetables along with a fried egg and pate with meat of choice (but looks like they come from shady origins...which makes the meal all the more exciting)

Typical Banh Mi Stall

best on-the-go-breakfast. Cheese Banh Mi with diced onions.
In Saigon, Vietnam

Very expensive Banh Mi

an atas version of Banh Mi, smoked beef with veges (mostly cucumbers and tomatoes) with a wasabi mayo. Not worth the money i rather my steak sandwich at half the price.
Still good though
in Hanoi, from a pretentious place with alot of kwai los called little Hanoi.

my favourite Banh Mi ever. Steak Sandwich.
a Baguette stuffed with fries and marinated slices of beef and onions. Sinfully good, best comfort food ever.


from Banana Mango Restaurant in Hue. At the end of Le Loi street. They serve (and i totally agree) the best shakes in Hue, go try their coffee shake.

Th best companion to a Banh Mi is Cà phê sữa đá or coffee with milk and ice.

Cà phê sữa đá

my favourite drink. Iced Coffee with Milk
They served unstirred so you can see the sweet condensed milk at the bottom and the goodness that is the thick black aromatic vietnamese coffee with its froth at the top.

Street Cà phê sữa đá

you can order it anywhere..yes ANYWHERE in vietnam, just say the four magic words "Cà phê sữa đá"

Vietnamese coffee is mainly french roast with their own unique filter system of which you can buy from any Vietnamese provision shop. In Singapore we have the sock, in Vietnam they have the metal filter. I can't believe i didn't take a picture of that but its really fun to see it work. I got filter at home now and it makes drinking coffee very fun. Vietnamese coffee is so good they even have their own franchise, Highlans coffee.

Latte in Highlands Coffee

Highlands coffee is Vietnam's answer and probably a direct caffeine attack on Starbucks. Their coffee has at least twice as much oomph than the American franchise and can be found everywhere. Yes there is hardly a place in Vietnam with a topless mermaid whose hair tries to cover her non-existent boobs.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

the one about optimus prime

i was planning to blog about banh mi and ca phe sua da today but i just watched transformers and IT TOTALLY KICK #@%ing ASS!!!! OPTIMUS PRIME yayness!!!!! Out-$#^ing-standing effects, i don't get why the reviewers in Straits Times gave it two stars, clearly they got no childhood...anyhoo screw their two stars, this movie deserves 5 upon 5 ALLSPARKS.

I so need to see something transform now. Cheesy lines and sappy love songs are so 1980s coolness man!!! They kept the transforming sound and corny puns like the old times. I feel so good now...*does the trasnforming sound* chuu chuu choo chom chom and when i was taking a bus home today i was thinking.....wah lau what if this SBS bus suddenly transform?

It'll be a decepticon with yellow stripes and dark red armour. There will be a ring around his nose that looks like a handle bar. Its special skill would be to boost the ezlink tap card sensor power and discharge a emp like wave but this wave will do more than just disable electronics. It will deduct money out of your ezlink card till it blanks out and cause harm to human beings (and their wallets). It also has blaster on one hand that can freeze things with a fierce pulse of air , like those uncontrollable aircons they have on the bus. But fear not for we know that such a decepticon has picked a lousy man-made object. In due time it will be worn out, vandalized and be ripped off by people who don't pay and a chewing gum will jam its gears and eventually it'll just breakdown in the middle of the highway and dispense free rides. An autobot comfort cab will come save the day at that very moment and the freedom of all sentient beings will be saved...chom chom chom chom..*cue in sunset scene by the merlion statue with jon and some hot vespa girl making out on a comfort cab with its blue light on*

you can roll eyes right about...wait ..wait...now

p.s. i did some research..turns out the voice of Optimus Prime was Peter Cullen, the guy who did the original voice for Prime back in the cartoon days and he did tonnes of voice overs for other cartoons too, GI Joe, Voltron, Dark Tales, Chip and Dale and hmmm should i even say this?.......*Thomas i think you shouldn't read what i'm gonna say next*
Peter Cullen was also famous for being the voice of EEYORE in Winnie the Pooh, omg! yes he did all the movies too!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon Vietnam

Saigon, Notre Dame Church

located in District one of Saigon, its almost centre of the countries capital.
Really grand brick structure even among the taller modernist buildings around it.

soon after i took this shot we had to run into the post office before the downpour (The post office is another work of art, designed by Gustav Eiffel, yeah the guy that did the ...you know what already)


Thursday, July 05, 2007

The One About the Noodles

They say the food in Vietnam is reason alone to visit, i say the food alone is reason enough to live there. I shall now try as much as i can to describe and recommend a few places to eat when your in Vietnam in hopes of converting you to a pho-addict. I'll do so in parts, easing you into a their food culture, this blog entry being the first of more to come. We'll start with one of their main sources of carbohydrates, noodles (but of course all of us know, Rice like most countries in SEA is their main source, but rice bores me and i have a special fondness for noodles).

in Hanoi

Street side Pho Ga

this is a from a street side pho stall located a road junction in Hanoi, i don't really remember the address but its somewhere with most of the shophouses selling just shoes and opposite a Bia Hoi joint, tha'st not really gonna help cuz that's like what most places in Hanoi sound like; opposite some other shoe store on some other road junction near some other bia hoi joint.

Street food is mostly eaten on a small stool and wooden table. A few sauces, chilli and some lime are served next to a bunch of fresh vegetables for you to compliment your pho. You can help yourself to all of it at no extra cost, but hold back on the chili because some stalls have innocent looking but fiery stuff on their saucers.

Street side Pho Ga

The stall serves Pho Ga or chicken noodles for about 12000 Vnd (SG$1.20). for 5000 Vnd (50cents) more you can order her special eel version, this was my first bowl of pho so i took the safe stuff.

in Hue

Tinh Tam Vegeterian Restaurant, Hue, Vietnam

This is from a vegetarian store in Hue at the end of Le Loi street at the Pham Ngu Lao Area (backpacker heaven) of Hue. It serves very good vegetarian food at super budget prices. It was recommended to me by the very nice lady at the guesthouse who i wish could be my Vietnamese godmother (that i would leave for another story)

Tinh Tam Vegeterian Restaurant, Hue, Vietnam

Their fresh lime juice is the best thing to have on a hot day. Its not the syrupy variety you get in Singapore and you know that for a fact because it takes at least 10 minutes to prepare it. 10000 Vnd (SG$1.00) vegeterian noodles that are very generous with their mock meat. It isn't Pho, the noodles are round and its like a Hue speciality there, i think its more commonly known as Bun (pronounced as "boon").

Also recommended by the lady at the guesthouse, My favourite Beef noodle store because, according to the girls, they think i like it for the chio aunty cooking the beef.

Beef Noodles, Streetfood in Hue

Her noodle broth is very rich and tasty, with abit of chilli paste its quite magical. Then there's the marble-y like brisket beef that she's so generous with. So good we ordered a second round.

Beef Noodles, Streetfood in Hue

word of advice: bring extra water along as she doesn't sell drinks but the food could be too fierce for the tongue.

In Saigon

this corner Pho Bo or beef noodles store at Pham Ngu Lao Street (another backpacker heaven) in Saigon is very popular with the locals around this otherwise very angmoh backpacker area. For the two times i was there i saw workers parking their bikes outside and ordering their bowl of Pho Bo and "ca phe sua da" (ice coffee with milk) to start their day, all that while the kwai los figure out what that piece of lime they always serve is for. (fyi its for the soup or sometimes its for you to mix with seasoned salt to dip in)

Pho Bo at Pahm Ngu Lao, Hanoi

Their pho bo at 18000 Vnd (SG$1.80) is cheap for their quality and quantity. Generous with their very finely sliced beef that has a nice thin layer of skin (i love my cartilage) and a clear broth that compliments the fine pho.

Bo Kho Banh Mi at Pahm Ngu Lao, Hanoi

They also serve Bo Kho Banh Mi or Beef Stew with a French Loaf. This is my personal favourite with its mildy spicy stew with tomatoes and fresh onions. I can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between.

more food to come soon, i think i can do a thesis paper on their coffee, but i think many have attempted that already but still, i'll try to do one soon

p.s. thanks to all my caring friends, I'm much better now. The diarrhoea has gone away, i now feel stronger than ever, or so my stomach thinks so. and if team fong is reading this...lets go Naan-ing lei!! i need to visit Mustafa again.


Elephant Springs

as promised here's where we went on to on our motorbike trip. Elephant Springs is a 2-3 hour ride away from Hue. Its on a mountainous region where a natural spring is flowing, due to to natural erosion and whatever stuff you learn in your physical geography about water bodies, many small pools and waterfalls are created along the spring. The place is not known to many tourist but is very popular to the locals who want to cool down and chill out away from busy city life and thats a good thing to know as when your in Hanoi or Saigon all you see are tourist.

Elephant Springs

this is the only area where i could photograph, i didn't want to risk getting my camera wet after that.

there's a innocent looking waterfall nearby, the water looks and sounds really cool as it splashes down on a few men below. As the girls change, our guide points to me where the pathway to the waterfall is, a set of small stones and some wet rocks, and he gives this thumbs up sign telling me what i can only decipher as "damn shiok". I take his tip and make my way down, stumbling along the slippery algae surfaces, A few local men stumble infront of me too, all grown up men with their wives and children still in their huts looking at their man of the house clumsily negotiating slippery rocks. Its not a domestic pool and nature doesn't provide natural pool tiles, instead huge rocks lay below causing grown men to trip and fall, only to to hear the shrill as their body experiences the coolness of the water. Total strangers, the few of us giving each other helping hands as we walk under the waterfall.

It doesn't feel as innocent as it looks. The water beats down so hard you can't even open your eyes. Its like rocks were being pelted on you and you feel difficulty breathing as the coldness grabs your lungs. Everyone suddenly lets out a scream, the old men with their wives watching can't help but scream for some weird ecstatic reason, i do the same too. Its like we all suddenly became 18 again. Shiokness is an understatement. 15 minutes under it and i had enough, i come out for a breather as people start to come in after hearing our commotion, we slip and fall and laugh out again.

Elephant Springs

The top of this spring is a 5km trek away where the water is much cooler and cleaner. There's a deep pool there and fun loving locals have tied a rope on top of tall tree for people to swing on and do jump dives. IT IS DAMN FUN! but dangerous if you don't swing far enough to land in deeper water.

A group at teens are lazing on the tallest hut next to the swing. They watch us a we we try to do out first swing-jump-dive, which at first attempt was only a swing and unceremonious drop into the water. We cajole the teens to try it too but they give hand signals that i think said they were scared.

Two attempts and a few tips from our guide later (its all about lifting the legs) I find myself having the time of my life swing-jump-diving into the fresh spring water. Soon after we see some of them (and later all of them) removing their shirts and making their way into the spring water, swimming up to the rock where you jump off, its like the staring platform. Everyone around is having fun doing silly dives and jumping even higher (sorta like the one with the old men but now its real 18 year olds screaming). First its the rock then its the rock above it then its even higher and one guy even jumped off the tree. I should have tried the tree but everyone else wanted to head back....i very gian now, and next time i'll go back and jump of it, with a backflip! (of which i shall practise back home)

and after that we had simple but delicious meal of instant noodles and eggs under our huts where the other guides were resting.

Noodles at Elephant Spings
instant noodles in hot water
behind is one of the motorbike guides taking a break. I think he just had two bowls of that.

Noodles at Elephant Spings

Very Fresh Eggs at the elephant spring

this are very fresh eggs that go very well with the noodles
how fresh? well 5 metres from where we sat was a caged hen and a kettle of boiling water next to it.

but what about bird flu?
screw bird flu! i love fresh eggs enough to risk it.
Anyway..... it is boiled....partially
Its smaller in size compared to supermarket varieties but its really hard to describe the difference in taste, just that it has much more oomphh.

so the rest of the trip involved biking back and stopping along the way to enjoy the scenery, I ride with my camera strapped over my neck forgetting the travel advise to not do so on a roads. Ian my guide points to me the various views i should take and reminds me to email them back to their hotel, where they keep a collection of them for everyone the enjoy. I so recommend this place to anyone who's planning to a trip to Hue.

US$13 Motorbike guide (abit pricey because we all rode pillion)
2 hour bike ride
the sight of ZERO ang mohs or japanese tourist
the most fun fresh water spring in Hue
$ instant noodles with fresh egg
the best scenery a bike trip can offer

screw the visa card, i travel budget
this is priceless in the way tv marketing refuses to tell you

p.s i just got back home and sifting thru my photos. Thank goodness i brought along 3 CF cards. I now have a severe diarrhoea most likely caused by the funky stuff they served on our 26 hour train ride from Hue to Saigon. Should have followed the locals and tah-powed our own stuff onboard.

p.p.s after two cans of 100-plus (product of Singapore and proud of it!) i think i'm back to normal and rehydrated. Now to get over my post vietnam hangover.