Wednesday, August 30, 2006


what the fish? check this out!


I wish i did this for my sound installation...maybe one big horn that sticks out like a sore thumb might be better than all of our "carefulconsiderationsofappearingasethicallypleasing" my ass kinda style. It might just work.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Comfort Food

Comfort Food, originally uploaded by jonolist.

The joys of egg, chipolata, fish fingers, some veggies over some msg free instant noodles...ahhh the mouth watering juxtaposition of whateverthefridge had left.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

and thus i have drifted to the dark side

my JC friend Huiling told me about this website and she says she's like really totally hooked to it. Wah lau i know i'm not suppose to like the tabloid stuff but heck...the host is hot (in the different sense) like not the typical hot blue eyes hot yeah. damn and I find myself like using the word like so much like totally wrong like some freaky teenager on like friggin tabloid magazine reading spree yeah. Like so bad yet so good.

The popcrunch show

like now know i know more about k-fed and jolie then i actually need to (which was once zero...)
okay like now I have lost all creditabilty...yes like totally...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm in a "ineedlostacashtobuymehappiness" kinda mood now. The aim is a thousand bucks so that i can buy myself a new second hand camera (yes second hand...due to the new arrival of the Nikon D80, alot of people will be willing to offload their d70s soon). SO the only way i can save up is to not spend...common sense huh but nabeh its not going to be easy. These are my strategies/ideas/suicidal thoughts....

1. Reduce book buying and to quell need for literary porno visit the library more often with the intention that i'm not going to steal or not return the books

2. Work...not possible

3. Stop buying food and start preparing your own meals, of course with the ingredients purchased from mum's grocery shopping. no more japanese food from techno for me....damn am i going to miss saying "Taaaaa Powww"

4. Survive on cereal....think hamster

5. reduce coke intake drastically (very)

6. Bet on Chelsea to win Champion's League...highly impossible considering that liverpool friggin rocks this world.

7. take less transits and use more direct routes...or just call dad to pick me up from school muahahhaha

8. give up subway....sorry i rather die.

SO far 3, 4 and 5 seem to be working quite well. I mean like I don't mind eating this everyday!!!

pasta for the buythejonCAMfund

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy (belated) birthday Ang Moh!

Happy birthday Ang Moh!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Lao jiao already.....thats one more excuse to keep your dunnoewhatyoucall it kinda goatee. sorry for the belated birthday man. enjoy!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


so the light that filters thru the curtains are all surreal and golden today. How nice it is to be in the comforts of home after a horredous session in studio trying to convince myself that i could complete the project by today and only to fail and go back to school tomorrow.

FARGK! this feeling sucks. especially when you know it wasn't your fault (well not entirely). Like you could have started to realise that you needed a ruler to draw a decent straight line. what the fish? The ruler, the time tested proven tool of architects ain't suddenly gonna eat you you know, and don't tell me its your first time you saw a sectional perspective? The landings on the stairs don't just disappear and I dont' understand how you can stare at Frank Ching's archi construction book and still draw like whatever.......i could go on but i think that the lack of sleep is playing some part in this nonsense that i'm writing.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"on art and life"

"on art and life", originally uploaded by jonolist.

by John Ruskin

I love these series of Penguin books on great ideas. Dad got me hooked on it. On the practical side of it, its small and light and you can finish it in less than a day. Went to Kino with the Andrea and the Jiayi and the new guy in their studio the Lance. Think i made the two ladies fans of the series man. Woohoo more pipple to share with! bring on the Nietzsche, Seneca, Orwell and Darwin!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy 21st xtina!

Happy 21st xtina!, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Happy 21st to Team Fong's number 1 orange! May 21 million oranges bloom in your 21 thousand hectare jade orange spring!

plus here's one "feam tong 1/2" wallpaper made to fit on our studio desktops. 1280 by 1024 pixels of feam tong love yeah.

click here to download feam tong half wallpaper

Ear of the jon

Part of a project that requires site listening and prototyping. Basically we just look weird holding a white tube to our heads standing on top of a hill over looking NUS. Its fun though listening to the sounds of dunnoewadfromdunnoewhere.

Me Listening

Hui Lian tries it out too
Huilian Listening

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mum and Grandma

Mum and Grandma, originally uploaded by jonolist.

So I showed the video of the President and me shaking hands. Grandma seems really happy. It makes me happy too.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The day!


Shoeslineup, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Yesh! its the day, I'm friggin happy, everything fell into place. And i shall say that the meeting with the president was the highlight of my life man!

More photos to upload later all i can say that is looking at the kids playing around with the maze makes all the hard work worth it. Really makes me happy to see kids running the routes and people admiring the structure. This is what architecture is all about...the people, cliche but very very true.

I thank God for everything

Here's me explaing to the president SR Nathan about our pavilion and maze. Truly truly honoured.

Thanks to Ivan who filmed it for me. He's the guy who says "that's it" at the end, i have no idea who those two chinese "zhou le! zhou le" women were, but they seem very interested in everything.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day Three!

Yes! its Done! woohoo! uber tired today. but at least its finally complete.

Need to start documenting the whole process. wah lau alot of things to document and accounts need to be tied up. bleahhh anyhoo check out the potos





Maze Detail

Miao Rulin and Huiying

And then we had a little celebration at TCC and Fish & Co, it was also Zhiqin's Birthday the day before so we celebrated a very very happy belated birthday. The man loves his swordfish collar whatever, its was mother big.

Friday, August 04, 2006

day two

and then they came to interview us......wah lau i had two takes lor, i screwed up the first one fumbling my words like some badly given crit. Heng ah they know how to cut the unglam parts out. It rocks to have Cheryl Fox report us on the news....can't wait for the Suzanna Jung Version if there's one. Why they never come down interview us!! and Channel 8 cut me out, shucks...I said I couldn't do chinese (wanted to have myself subtitled...darn)

Apologies for the phonecall and msn ring in the background. Suddenly all my relatives called in. Like how you expect me to tell you what i'm doing in Hokkien ah? pavilion? architecture? The Dad suddenly popped in the last minute which explains the door creek sound at the end. If only grandma didn't sleep so early, she would be so happy.

anyhoo check out lianhe zaobao tmr, I hope they got us a good pic.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day One

I is tired so I let the peehchures do the talking.

Talk! potos talk!

on truck

Maze at 50%

structure 30%

rear view of sturcture 30%

Very seh now, two more days to go. The press are coming soon and we need to get a much higher level of completion so it appears swee swee on the papers. That being said, doesn't the last pic look uncomfortably rendered-like? Its the real thing you know, but it looks like something from autocad. Either our renders are damn accurate or something is really wrong.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

making peace with thy emenies

and so the interview with Serene Luo went on phone instead of the "less stilted in person" method. My apologies for returning Serene's calls late that night, been working so long and so late for the past months that 11pm did seem early to me. The interview went somewhat cryptic as my work was occupying my mind that period. a Pavilion apologies. (geddit a million? a pavilion? hur hur hur someone stop me)

If you people have the pre-conceived idea that journalist are very irritating and very probing then your wrong xia. Or maybe she's just the execption, afterall she is "best consumer journalist" award one leh, no shite okay i do my homework one. Serene sounds very pleasant on the phone and she's the rare few that actually tells me that i laugh like a hyena. Yes hyena, blame Disney's Lion King on Laserdisc for that.

And then I had to reply to few questions via email. so here's what i said. Very poorly written GP stuff like so if your eyes droop as you hit the third word just skip it.

-Flying the flag and being patriotic is not considered particularly hip or cool.
As a fairly young person, did that not cross your mind?

oh no, the words hip and cool are so overused and severely over-rated. My friends know very well that I have taken a dislike to the almost profane c-word; I even avoid it when describing the weather. Anyhoo, I think flying flag is a very nostalgic thing for me since I have been doing it since young, clearly remembering hanging the flag outside the flat with my grandmother. Being patriotic isn’t supposed to be something un-hip or for the older generation, there are young people who are patriotic and I’m not referring to the over-the-top kind of zealots but the people who supported the lions during the Malaysia Cup hey days, the ones who wear red to school on national day, the people who bother to wait hours for NDP tickets, aren't all those acts of patriotism or love for one's country. Maybe patriotism is too uncomfortable a word for the unprepared "hip crowd" of youngsters who clearly have a tendency for following herd culture, that word is probably too old fashioned.

- If there weren't the Internet as a platform, would you be doing other patriotic things? Like yelling "I Love Singapore!" at a National Day Parade or hanging out the flag and persuading all your neighbors to buy one too?
So how is the Internet different?

if there were no internet platform? That’s like asking if the light bulb wasn't invented. Of course I’ll be doing other patriotic things but maybe not yell out proclamations of love, there are many ways to profess one's patriotism and spread it. The internet is somewhat different in that sense. For example, hdb flats have ringlets installed outside their flats so that everyone can hang their flags in that predetermined spot, the end result being a very grid like and almost boring layout of flags, some CCs even plan out which unit to display so that they create some "interesting but usually very kitschy" facade. Whereas in the internet there is no hdb, there is no ringlet and thus people come up with various ways to express their patriotism, like the iamsingaporean meme. The internet reaches out to a different crowd of people and it being less restrictive in that sense allows for a more ways to be patriotic.

The post that started it all.