Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Of updates

someone else's best friend, originally uploaded by jonolist.

I wanted to post a whole string of youtubes, links to silly but very useful websites
and a motherload of photos but this free wireless interent thingiebob isn't helping
so i hope one photo of a scruffy looking dude i met in St Kilda's would suffice.
stray dogs always do the trick.

Been rather busy with the planning of the big trips and the vacating of the apartment,
there's some stuff on facebook and flickr so go check those out when you have time.
I need to find a nice cafe now to kick back with a large mocha and free wifi
(with powerpoint) as I organise and backup the motherload of photos i accumulated
the past few months.

I'm still stuck in October! hiaop!


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